The Start of Many

It’s Official~

I have been fortunate enough to be awarded a fully funded scholarship to study Korean in Seoul, South Korea for 7 weeks this upcoming summer. The scholarship I received was given to me by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program. NSLI-Y is a program that is sponsored by the U.S Department of State which sends high school students to countries overseas in order to learn languages that are less commonly taught in school. This program exists to help prepare American citizens to contribute to the Global Community. (More Information on the program can be found under the NSLI-Y tab of my blog)

It’s been about 24 hours since I received my notification, via email, and at times I still can’t believe that I am actually heading to Korea in 2 months. I am being serious. Randomly throughout the day I found myself smiling from ear to ear every time I was reminded of Korea. Especially because I am still getting congratulation texts but I could not be any more grateful for having such AMAZING friends.ย But despite me getting off topic as usual, this post was created to set the mood for my blog and to do that, I will be writing about the fateful day. (AKA the day I found out I was going to Seoul, South Korea for the summer)

March 31st marked the beginning of Spring Break for my school. (A break that I have been waiting for since Winter Break ended) Our school ended earlier than usual but I wasn’t lucky enough to leave right away as I had plans to take the National Spanish Exam after school. Don’t get me wrong, ย I wanted to take the exam but I also didn’t have any lunch yet so I was also quite hangry. (Hungry & Angry) However, I was able to get through the reading and listening portion quite fast and because I was waiting for my friend to finish up, I checked facebook and my email. I wasn’t surprised to see there was nothing new. NSLI-Y’s waves of notifications are always mysterious so I try not to question anything. My friend drove me home and I was welcomed into my house with a hail storm and like more kids my age, I started my Spring Break with a bang. Yes, I took a nice, long 2 hour nap. I woke up around 6pm to the ping of a Facebook message. One of my good semi-finalist friends for Korea had let me know that she had made it to Songdo, South Korea. I obviously rushed to check my email and there it was. In my inbox was an email from NSLI-Y with the subject line “2016 NSLI-Y notification.” I stared at it with disbelief and it wasn’t till I read the opening sentence did I actually react. I began literally bawling my eyes out with pure happiness and I am glad no family members were home because I was a mess. A huge mess. Nonetheless, here I am today. It is one day later and I can make coherent sentences, (I hope)ย so I think that I have recovered from all the excitement. (Though, I know I will meet you again excitement. Like when someone brings Korea up or when there is only weeks left to my departure.)

I know this blog post was long-winded and I hope you didn’t think it was interminable. The blog posts to come will definitely not be as long as this one is but there was a lot to get off my chest. (And it is Spring Break so there was even more time for me to do things like write blog posts that are way too long) But I promise, never again. All my blog posts from now on will be fun, bite-size posts that will take only minutes to read. ^^ Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to my blog by my clicking the subscribe button to the right of this post. Bye!!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu




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