Program Dates and First Webinar

All the iEarn Seoul Summer Finalists had to accept or decline their NSLI-Y scholarship by Thursday, April 7th. Which happened to be yesterday. I have known the program dates and the additional information about this summer since I got my acceptance email, but I didn’t want to blog about it until I officially accepted the scholarship. I accepted the scholarship by filling out another online form which asked for some basic information such as my name, birth date, and reference code from the acceptance email. The form also required signing another form with one parent/guardian signature and it also asked for permission from the program to take pictures or videos of the summer program (which meant the participants) and possibly put it on their website, Facebook, etc.

Now, it is time for the more exciting part of this post…. The PROGRAM DATES!~ So I will be heading to Seattle, Washington on June 27th (Which happens to be my mom’s birthday) for the Pre-departure orientation. Then on June 29th, all the finalists will get on a plane and fly to Seoul, South Korea from Seattle (I’m not sure if it will be a flight with stops or without stops but that isn’t really a big deal). We will be studying Korean for 20 hours a week at Sookmyung Women’s University (120 hours total). I will get home from South Korea on August 13th (Which is my stepsister’s birthday). August 13th is a Saturday and knowing my luck, my school will have its first day on that following Monday but… ย  ย I’ll live.

On April 4th, 6pm EST, iEarn had their first webinar for the Seoul Summer Program. It was supposed to be a webinar to help the parents decide whether or not they wanted to allow their child to participate in the program. To be honest, the questions were kinda off topic but I didn’t mind since I had nothing better to do than listen to all the questions and answers. However, It was pretty informative and my mom definitely felt better after she was reassured about safety when traveling from home to school and money. During the webinar we also found out that we would get a package in about two weeks with more forms to mail in, handbooks, and a Korean textbook for studying before the program. I am super excited to get the package and I am hoping the textbook they send this year is not the one I already have.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! I will definitely update soon when I receive more information. If you want to be notified via email every time I upload a post, subscribe to my blog by pressing that subscribe button to the right of this post. You simply have to plug in your email and confirm the subscription in a follow up email. BYE!~

“Never forget that anticipation is an important part of life. Work’s important, family’s important, but without excitement, you have nothing. You are cheating yourself if you refuse to enjoy what’s coming. ” –ย Nicholas Sparks

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