The Information Packet Has Arrived!

Like most of the other Korean summer finalists, I received my information packet from iEARN this previous Monday which was April 25th. As you can probably tell, this blog post is way overdue but I have been so busy lately that I have not found enough time to write a blog post. My teachers seem to be cramming in as many tests and projects as they can before the end of the year and it is honestly taking it’s toll on me. On Wednesday I had three tests. Yep, three out of the four classes I had involved me solving math problems and filling in bubbles with a number 2 pencil. I also have my AP test for physics on Tuesday which I should be studying for (This is procrastination at its best). However, It kinda worked out because yesterday morning I received another email from NSLI-Y with some more long awaited information.

Anyway, I knew that my information packet was coming this week because last year the summer kids received it around this time as well. I came home on Monday afternoon and my mom was relaxed and quiet and didn’t mention anything. I was following her  around the house like ducklings to their mother. She collects the mail every single day and I knew that I would find the package with her. The package was a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be. According to the package, it cost iEARN around nine dollars to send everything to me. Inside the package was a lot of paper. The more exciting contents included a student handbook and a textbook. Like I had guessed, I already own the textbook but I guess it will be good to start on a nice clean slate so I won’t  be forced to have to erase what I have already done. The package also contained a folder with a lot of papers that had to be mailed back, as well as some extra information like internet safety tips, language learning tips, and information pertaining to LGBT students who are participating in NSLI-Y. I haven’t really looked at the stuff since Monday but I will find some time early this upcoming week to look over everything and get everything ready that needs to be mailed back.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My Student HandBook and Folder with Various Papers Inside

On Friday morning I received an email from NSLI-Y regarding setting up a date for the OPI that I will be taking. The OPI is a pre-assessment of sorts for the program. Anyone who indicates on their application that they have had previous experience with the language will be required to take an OPI to gauge their language ability before the program. It is not important to do amazingly well on the OPI as it has nothing to do with whether or not you participate in the program. It’s simply just to compare your language abilities from before the program to after. So it is not recommended to cram in a lot of language learning beforehand as that really won’t help you in the long run when it comes to figuring out your true language level. We have till the end of May to take our OPI and even though I don’t want to, I am probably going to have to sign up for a date closer to the deadline. I just want to be able to take it stress free and that means after school ends.

So today marks only 60 days left till I am in South Korea. It seems like such a long time but then again it also seems so close. I feel like just yesterday my countdown app said there were 80 days left. My sophomore year is officially over in approximately 25 days and it is a bittersweet thing to think about. It means that I am that much closer to achieving a goal I’ve had for almost 5 years but it also means saying goodbye to another chapter of my life. No matter how I feel about all of this now, I know I will get through everything and be as happy as ever. Thanks for reading such a long post – assuming you got to the end (Though you would have had to get to the end or else you wouldn’t be reading this currently). I have a more exciting post planned for next weekend so don’t forget to subscribe! BYE!

New Beginnings are Often Disguised as Painful Endings.” – Lao Tzu

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