Shopping Trip to Hongdae (홍대) (07/06/16)

Wednesday (July 6th, 2016) was super fun because we had no obligations after school. So once the clock struck 1pm – we were free! A big group of us decided that we wanted to go to Hongdae. It was the perfect day to go because there were no clouds in the sky. Sofia, Ariel, Yves, Sarah, Saha, Elliya, and I ate lunch at this fried chicken place down the street from Sookmyung (It was called Mom’s Touch).


Inside of the restaurant


We shared a big basket of fried chicken, french fries, and some popcorn chicken as well

After lunch, we all rode the subway to Hongdae (홍대) and once we got there, we made our way to Sulbing (설빙). Somehow I managed to remember the location of the Sulbing Tatum brought me to on the second day and like previously mentioned… Sulbing has the best bingsu!~ There were 7 people so we figured 3 bingsus would be a perfect amount. Well, we were wrong. It was way too much. I guess we overestimated the sizes of our stomachs. Nonetheless, we ordered the 망고치즈빙수 (Mango Cheese Bingsu), 팥빙수 (Red Bean Bingsu), and the 인절미빙수 (Injeolmi Bingsu). My favorite of the three is definitely the Injeolmi Bingsu. Hopefully I will be able to try more in the future.



From the right; Injeolmi, Red Bean, and Mango Cheese Bingsu


After our dessert, we just walked around Hongdae. It felt VERY surreal because it looked just like all of the videos I watched of it. I had been there already late last week but I guess it didn’t hit me that I was actually in Korea yet. We all walked around and went into basically every single store. I bought so much… but all of it was cheap so it wasn’t too bad.


Asking a Korean guy to take this photo was a good game of charades. It was great.


When you see it

What I Bought~


Face Masks ($1 each)


Lip Tint in the color 오렌지 에이드 (Orange Ade)


Notebook, 2 pens, and 2 sticker sheets from Artbox ~$7


Gudetama Keychain ($5)

I got home around 7pm and finished all the homework I had received that day. I ate dinner with my host brothers and host dad (my host mom worked late) and I went to bed after sharing watermelon with my host mom and conversing in Korean.

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