Supporter Group Meeting & Bonding With My Host Brother (July 14, 2016)

Thursday (July 14th, 2016) started off very well! For breakfast I got to try a cool array of fruits that I have never eaten in the United States before.


I got to try Golden Kiwi and Korean Melon with a side of Honey toast from Paris Baguette.

Class was pretty jam-packed as we would be having our second Korean test the following day. I was assigned two dialogues to read and an entire lesson in my workbook (as well as study for the grammar points that would be on the test). I was feeling kind of stressed so knowing that today was also my first real supporter meeting, was super exciting! I was excited to study Korean with Sujin as well as the other Nsliyians in my group Casey and Jodi.

After class ended, I went out to lunch with Maris, Grace, Teresa, Mckenzie, Rhea, and Sofia. We all went to Waffle House. I ordered a honey and cinnamon waffle for only $2. It was definitely the perfect size to fill me up until dinner.


After lunch, I met up with Casey and we walked to the meeting place. The cafe where we would be having all of our meetings was Cafe Areca (카페 아레카). When we got there, Sujin hadn’t arrived yet but Jun, another supporter, was already there waiting for his group. Eventually Sujin got there and Jodi was like five minutes late XD This time Casey and I ordered vanilla milk shakes. (They were delicious by the way!) Every Time we had a meeting, there was always only one guy working there. I am assuming he was the owner. He took a long time to make all the drinks but it was worth it. They were very well made.

The meeting was very fun and I think I understood everything very well. But then again, I didn’t understand a lot either! I would always tell Sujin that I understood her and then I would whisper to Casey and ask her what had just happened. It soon became a running joke throughout the meeting. We went through some new vocabulary and grammar points and I even knew most of the grammar. Sujin was really impressed. (Especially because of the many times I couldn’t understand her XD)

Then at the end of the meeting… something stupid, bad, and embarrassing happened. While I was heading to the bathroom, (the bathroom of the cafe was next door on the second floor. You also needed a key to get inside) I ran into the glass door – hard. I literally ran into the door. It made such a loud noise and everyone stared at me at the time it happened. I went through the door and ran up to the bathroom and laughed my head off. I profusely rubbed it like crazy because I did not want a bump on my forehead. To this day, I have never heard the end of it from Casey and Jodi. I messaged them that night with a picture of my bump (which I will not be posting because of its grotesqueness).

After our meeting, we all took our icebreaker photo. (During our Monday meeting earlier that week, our RDs proposed a weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme was Icebreaker. That was the only guideline we recieved. The only rule we had to oblige by was the fact that everyone in our group had to be in the picture.) We bought cherry ice cream from Baskin Robbins for Sujin which is her favorite flavor. Basically, we just took the photo in front of the Baskin Robbins store (we made sure to get Song Joong Ki in the picture). It ended up looking very cute.


Our Weekly Challenge Photo

I went home right away since I needed to do my homework and study for my tests tomorrow. I ended up getting home around 5:30pm. I got home a little bit later than usual because I took the long way walking home from school so I could look around my neighborhood for a bit. It really amuses me that walking down one street I was passing by very small, family owned restaurants and then one more turn and I was walking past lots of chains like Paris Baguette (Korean Bakery) and even foreign stores like Krispy Kreme.


Look at all those clouds!

Then at around 8:30pm, I got a call from my host mom. She was telling me to go down to the basement level of the apartment building since I was going out for dinner with my host dad and my youngest host brother. We went out for 삼겹살 (Pork Belly – Korean Barbeque). It was also very tasty! Everyone was staring at me at the restaurant (for the reason that there aren’t many foreigners in the area) but after awhile everyone got used to me.


The food was good and I had a few things for the first time too! This time I got to try eating the meat with radish. When I first saw it, I thought it was a thinly sliced melon and it tasted like it too. The radish was thin, cool, kinda sweet, and very juicy. It wasn’t till my host dad told me what I was eating when I learned otherwise (Luckily I knew what he said because the word for radish – 무 – is one of the first food vocab I learned. Thank you Korean travel phrasebook! XD haha)


This is from Google, but the circular green vegetable is the Radish!


But I mostly ate the meat with simply lettuce.

After eating, my host dad, my youngest host brother, and I walked along this river (maybe?) close to the restaurant. My host dad drove back home while my youngest host brother and I decided to walk back to the apartment (it wasn’t too far at all). It was actually really nice because the weather was cool and it was fun walking along the river. We didn’t talk too much because my Korean skills weren’t very good yet. I talked to him about his hobbies (which we had learned on the first day) and why he liked playing soccer. He asked me about my dream but I could not say what I wanted to do since I didn’t know the word for diplomat at the time even though Sujin told me what it was during our supporter meeting >~< (I know it now though! Diplomat – 외교관). I spend more time with my younger host brother (just because the older brother is never home and on the weekends he always goes to the PC 방 – Computer Room. You go in, pay for how long you will be there, and then play video games all day).


Stock Photo of a PC 방

The only time I really spend with the older host brother is welcoming him home or waving goodbye when he leaves the house and vice versa. (He does the same for me)

After the walk with my youngest host brother, I rushed back to the desk in my room and continued to study for my test the next day. I ended up staying up till 1am that night. And that was my Thursday in Korea! My first supporter meeting, my first time opening up towards my host brother, and my first time eating 무 with 삼겹살 XD It was great!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Check back soon for another~ Do not forget to follow my blog if you do not want to miss out on my future posts! 안녕!~

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