Spending a Birthday In Edae (이대) & Making 잡채 (Japchae) July 15, 2016

So on Friday (July 15th, 2016) I woke up with a huge bruise on my forehead. (From running into the glass door of Cafe Areca yesterday.) It wasn’t too bump-like… just very pink. Even though I kept telling myself no one would notice, it couldn’t help but be very noticeable.

At breakfast my host mom pointed to my forehead and asked “Mosquito Bite?” So I then had to explain to her about my encounter with a glass door (and during that conversation, I learned how to say glass in Korean – 유리). One of the most memorable conversations I have had with my host mom to be honest XD

I ended up getting to school very early that day because I was able to make the 7:45am subway train which I like making since I can take my time walking to school and not have to run up that huge hill to get to Sookmyung. When I got to the school, I hung around in the lobby with some of the other Nsliyians. Then 10 minutes before our attendance check at 8:50am, I asked my RD Madeline if I could run to the convenience store to get something to put on my forehead because it was hurting. I grabbed Casey and we scurried over to the 7/11 near school to buy something. While we were rushing to the store, we ran into JT who was walking up the hill. He asked us what we were doing and I mentioned it real quick. He was confused at first and then he laughed at me once I took my baseball cap off and he could see my forehead. I was trying to rush and I couldn’t find the ice (and I didn’t want to ask the cashier because I didn’t know what the word ice is. I still don’t know it XD Actually, I just looked it up. It is 얼음) so I went to the frozen section and just bought a bag of chicken for four dollars. I actually rode the elevator back up to class with JT in which I showed him my convenience store haul. He proceeded to tell me “That chicken is actually really good.” and then in the mix of midwestern, British, and Korean accent that he has, he called me and I quote “Chicken Girl” XD

During attendance, I was holding the bag of chicken up to my forehead and he made the joke again by calling me chicken girl rather than Emma. But he also told me I should be careful and get better so he meant well.


Me dramatizing my bruise with this sad selfie on snapchat

School was not bad at all. The writing/grammar test felt harder this time around. We didn’t get our grades back but I know I got at least two wrong since I know I conjugated 살다 (to live) wrong in one of the grammar points and I also spelled the verb 덥다 (to be hot) wrong in my sentence. The speaking test was actually very good. I was partnered with Sofia and we did super well together. After school I found out that I was going to do community service with my supporter group on Wednesday with some disabled teens and young adults. JT also put me in charge of leading a discussion about the end of the year ceremony at our Korean Cooking Class later today since he wouldn’t be there. (He was taking one of the kids to the hospital.)

For lunch, I went out with Rhea, Sofia, Teresa, and Mckenzie to the place where I had eaten cream ramen the week before. Unfortunately, the guy said that they were out of the ingredients to make the cream ramen. (Everyone except Mckenzie had ordered it.) I had to leave earlier than everyone else because JT had set the meeting time for our cooking class way earlier than usual (he wanted to make sure we would not get lost) which made me not eat most of my food. Which wasn’t a big deal since I ended up eating at cooking class.


Instead of JT taking us to the class, Tatum showed up. She was the one who took me to Hongdae during Survival in Korea during our in country orientation. That cooking class, we made 잡채 which is definitely my favorite Korean food. Too bad it is usually only eaten for occasions that are more special than everyday. Even though I left my stove on and put the soy sauce in my egg rather than my meat, it still ended up tasting delicious and I ate the whole thing!

After cooking class, Abbey and I rode the subway to the Ehwa Womans University stop so we could shop around Edae (which was my first time there). It was also pouring rain while we were walking around so lots of shops closed up and it was very hard to maneuver the sidewalks with our huge umbrellas. There wasn’t as much street shopping as I had seen in Youtube videos but I’m assuming that we simply didn’t go down the right streets. Hopefully, we will have better luck next time. We mostly just found all the makeup/skin care stores. I did score some great finds though! I found these really cute shirts for only 5 dollars! I bought two of them in different colors since I loved them so much. I also scored some more socks because Korean socks are the best kind of socks.

Today was Rhea’s Birthday so we went to Edae to celebrate it! We ate dinner together, but since Abbey and I had eaten Japchae earlier, we just ordered an appetizer meal of croquettes.


After dinner we went to Tony Moly which was having this huge 20-50% sale on almost all of their products so I bought some stuff. (I bought things off of recommendations from Jodi and the cute packaging…) After Tony Moly, Teresa, Rhea, and Mckenzie went home as they had longer commutes. Sofia and I lived close by and Abbey lived very far away (she lived a little outside of Seoul) so she knew that either way she would be getting home late (but still made curfew). We decided to go to Baskin Robbins to have some ice cream. After we got our ice cream (I got Lucky Caramel Turtle) we found a park near one of the subway exits and sat there while we got rained on. It was pretty nice.

I got home around 10:30 pm which was pretty late for me and I felt a bit bad but my host mom was glad that I spent time outside and did not come home early to just study and do homework. This Friday was super fun. It was great!~

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this post. 안녕!

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