Hongdae Trick Eye Museum (트릭아이미술관) and the Ice Museum (July 16th, 2016)

On Saturday (July 16th, 2016) Sofia and I realized that we were already halfway done with the month of July and there was still so many things we wanted to do before this summer was over. So we took a look at our bucket lists and decided to go to the trick eye museum in Hongdae which is always all over alumni blogs and youtube. The last time we were at Hongdae, we were actually so close to the Trick Eye Museum but didn’t even notice it. It isn’t actually hard to find at all. I used directions from a random blog and we found it with no headaches or confusion.

Walking into the museum was very cool because as soon as you walk in, there are already stands you can put your head in or optical illusions you can do with your friends. (Protip: bring at least three people so you can take photos with your friends rather than asking random strangers because after awhile… you feel guilty for asking other people who are busy taking photos for themselves.) There were also people drawing caricatures at the front of the museum. Admission for the Trick Eye Museum is $15 for adults and $12 for kids so if you are under 18 years of age, remember to bring your ID so you can get the discount. I ended up paying 12 dollars while Sofia had to pay 15 since she didn’t bring hers with her. The admission also gives you free entrance to the ice museum. (There is also a love museum for adults 18 and over but I am not sure how much that costs.)

Basically the Trick Eye Museum is more like an art gallery that has pieces of art that look 3D rather than 2D and you can interact with the pieces and make it look like you are apart of it. Each piece has a picture next to it with examples of poses you should take. I think you will be able to understand it better if I just show you the pictures… There really isn’t that much else to say XD



Sofia and I never got the chance to show our RDs this photo! We wanted to see their reactions XD


This is probably my favorite one! XD



Then after we went through the entire Trick Eye Museum, we went to the Ice Museum. In the Ice Museum everything is made out of Ice and it is crazy cold. They give you a poncho so if you sit on any of the chairs you won’t freeze your butt off (but you can freeze everything else off since the ponchos literally do nothing!) The Ice Museum has a ice slide too that you can go down. I thought the Museum was very very fun since we had to rush to take all the pictures which made Sofia and I laugh continuously throughout our time in the freezing cold chamber.





Does this furniture set come pre-assembled from Ikea?

After the Trick Eye and Ice Museum, Sofia and I walked around Hongdae and then it started raining. We decided to just chill in a cafe so we walked up some random streets until we saw a cafe that looked cool and somewhat empty. (everything was filled!) We ordered drinks (which were so expensive -_-) and talked in the cafe for an hour or so. Sofia ordered a green tea latte while I ordered a Vanilla Iced Latte.


After the cafe, we were hungry but we were planning on going back home early for dinner so we decided to go to Sulbing to get some Bingsu. We even switched it up this time because we tried a new flavor and some toast.


Does this make you hungry like it does for me?

It was delicious!~

And that was my Saturday in Seoul!~ I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 안녕!

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