Visiting SM and FNC Entertainment and Shopping Underground (July 24th, 2016)

On Sunday (July 24th, 2016) Sofia and I took a trip to the more fancy and expensive part of Seoul to visit some Korean entertainment companies. I found some directions to the ones we wanted to visit (and when I said we I mean me since Sofia is not really into Kpop at all). We planned to visit SM Entertainment (for my boys from SHINee) and FNC Entertainment (for FTisland). The subway station we exited to get to these companies was Apgujeong Rodeo (압구정 로데오) which even the subway station looked super fancy! As Sofia and I were looking for the right exit, we thought we had wandered into a hotel lobby. Once we exited the subway station and started trying to find the entertainment companies, we passed by a lot of shops of famous designers. It felt kinda weird at first passing by all these fancy stores, hotels, and sports car dealerships with people wearing fur and suits.  Along the road there were also statues made for kpop groups. I definitely had to take a picture of the SHINee one (and with it too). I couldn’t find the FTisland one and I took a picture of the infinite one as well since I appreciate most of their songs, particularly the older ones. I also took a picture of the KARA since I have a friend back in the states named Kara. I have probably only listened to one KARA song and it was called Pandora if I remember correctly.


SHINee (샤이니)

Eventually we came across FNC Entertainment. We were not the only ones there as there was also some Mexican foreigners waiting across the road holding some small poster type things. I felt weird running up to the gate and taking pictures with them staring at me but I realized they probably did the same thing minutes earlier.


FNC Entertainment


On the side of the building they were promoting FT island’s new album

We kept walking to find SM Entertainment which was the company I was looking forward to the most. Some other girls on my program said they had seen an exo member and a red velvet member come out of the building so I was hoping Sofia and I would have the same amount of luck but with some SHINee members (Spoiler alert – we saw no one!)


SM Entertainment!~

Sofia and I took a lot of selfies in front of the building because you only see SM Entertainment once right? We also waved to the security guy and I will pretend that he waved back at probably the 4th group of foreigners visiting that day. We only saw a couple of girls leaving when we first got there but after that, we were by ourselves. It was a Sunday after all so I assume the small amount of fan girls was due to that reason. After we took selfies, we headed to the park across the street and hung out on these rocking chair seats just talking for around two hours – and I am not over exaggerating.


The Park



The view of SM from the park seats

After we spent too much time at SM Entertainment, Sofia and I took the subway to the express bus terminal for some underground shopping. But let me tell you, the underground shopping part was very difficult for us to find. We tried following the signs but had no luck. We went up and down so many escalators trying to find the shopping area. Eventually we found this place with a lot of restaurants which made us very hungry. We kept walking until we passed some craft stores and came to a dead end. We walked into this sad art gallery where there was literally no art or sculptures whatsoever. Just a broken computer on the floor. We passed through the doors on the other end and walked down these stairs to see a small flower shop with an old lady snipping some stems of the flowers. We finally got through her makeshift shop to find the underground shopping! There was basically two aisles with little shops on each side. One half the the area had mostly clothes, socks, and accessories while the other half had some home decor stuff, plants, bedding etc. Sofia and I walked around and didn’t really buy anything. We did pick up some socks since we found a stall selling them for only 50 cents rather than $1 like most places around Seoul. We also went into this store that reminded me of my mom so much since it basically looked like my house with all the signs and colors. I sent these pictures to my mom and she then texted me back with what sign she wanted me to buy and bring back for her.



I have this phone at my house phone back home and it made me laugh when I saw it in a stall

We went home after the shopping which was kind of a scary experience since I was trying not to get lost in the huge subway station and I even had to miss a train since there were too many people in each cart. I then thought I had gotten on an express train (they always skip my stop since mine isn’t too popular – learned that the hard way) but turns out I was alright. I had to be on the subway for like 45 minutes but it wasn’t bad at all because there was only one transfer and once I transferred, I was able to get a seat.

That was my Sunday with Sofia spent shopping! and visiting SM Entertainment. XD

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