Visiting Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교) and Being Followed by Chinese Tourists (July 25th, 2016)

On Monday (July 25th, 2016) we had our Nsli-y weekly Monday meeting like normal. The room was less full than usual since a couple supporter groups had community service that day. We received another weekly photo challenge! The only guideline was “Hot Summer” and that everyone had to be in the picture. My group had absolutely no ideas.


Casey and Jane as we rode the escalator up off the platform

After the meeting, I visited Ewha Womans University with Casey and Jane. Caseys grandmother attended the university and so she really wanted to walk around campus and get a feel for what her grandmother experienced when she was a college student. The campus is insanely beautiful. The funniest part of our little tour was that we kept getting stopped by Chinese tourists.


Casey, Jane, and I were walking around the campus when we started seeing a trend. There were a lot of Chinese teenagers wearing matching orange t-shirts. We were simply talking and laughing about random matters when we noticed the tourists starting to surround us slowly but not saying anything. We were being cornered in front of this stair like structure on campus.


Where we were gathered (Pic Credit: Google)


The view of the other side

At first we thought we must have done something wrong but eventually one of them came up to us and all they asked for was a picture. We laughed and obliged. Jane asked them why they wanted a picture and one of the girls explained how it was part of a school retreat mission. We kept walking around other parts of the campus and kept running into other teenagers from the same group (we assumed this due to the fact they were all wearing the same orange shirts) asking the same request.


Another photo of the campus (Credit: Google)

It was really cool to see foreigners from different countries working together even though there was nothing benefiting the girls and I. It was fun, however, seeing them so happy after they took the photo for their mission. Now I am curious to know which group won! It was hard to communicate with them fully since they didn’t speak Korean and they were really shy with their English skills but it was fun conversing with them on topics we both could handle well.

After all our pictures with the Chinese tourists, we went to the gift shop and watched this informational video on Ewha before leaving the campus and taking a couple of pictures in front of this wall with 3D flowers.



We asked a Chinese tourist to take this photo for us~ 🙂

This blog post is insanely short because we didn’t do too much interesting things that day. We had lunch and shopped around a bit after visiting the university. Not much to talk about. I guess I simply really wanted to share the Chinese Tourist story. I thought it was funny. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! ^^ 안녕!

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