Cooking Bulgogi (불고기) and Going to a Korean Movie Theater … Again!!!!!~~ (July 29th, 2016)

It is Friday Friday Friday (07/29/16) and after school I wandered around with Jodi, Angie, Tucker, and Cricket trying to find a place to eat (around 숙대) that we hadn’t been to yet. Tucker started saying that he was craving American food and so we set off on a journey to find a place with burgers or pizza. Eventually we almost walked down the entire street leading up to Sookmyung University but then, we saw a grand opening sign. We followed the sign and went up these pretty small sketchy stairs to the second floor of this building to be greeted by two colorful doors. There were lots of colorful decorations and masquerade masks in the lobby type thing.

There was a sign next to the door that said “Please Knock.” We wanted to follow the rules and so Tucker stood at the entrance knocking on the door. We stood there for around 5 minutes with Tucker knocking on the door periodically. Finally, one of the workers opened the door but when he did, he was very confused. I think that sign could have been for the other door which might have been a bathroom… who knows. We made a great impression with the staff at the restaurant as we looked pretty stupid XD haha

The place we went to was called Kanival Pizza and it was an Italian restaurant with a twist. There were some pretty crazy options like a pizza with french fries on it. They mostly served pizza but they also had some appetizers as well. We all split a Crazy Potato Pizza and a simple Cheese Pizza. They also gave us two small buckets filled with ice water and straws for them. It was a pretty interesting way to drink water. But I kinda liked it.


We Couldn’t See the Menu From the Table so I Took a Picture of the Good Half XD

After lunch I rode the subway with Jodi to Gyeongbokgung Station since the location where we have our Korean cooking club is around there. JT also planned for us to have a meeting for the End of the Year Ceremony before our culture club meeting at the nearest Paris Baguette but we then discovered that the one right by the subway station had been torn down. The building was literally empty with no sign of a bakery. We kept walking and found one even closer to the cooking academy. Unfortunately, we didn’t have too many people show up. Only two others besides Jodi and I. At the last 5 minutes of the meeting, we had a few more people show up but we had already figured out what we wanted to do for our video.


Annalise, Arjun, and Jodi

For this cooking class, we made Bulgogi. Bulgogi (불고기) literally translates to Fire Meat in English. From what I learned from our chef, Bulgogi is basically Korean style barbecued beef that is one of the most well-known Korean traditional foods. I have previously eaten Bulgogi at a Korean restaurant in Queens, New York and I was super excited to find out that we would be learning how to make it.


My Bulgogi (불고기)

yori dong.jpeg

After Korean Cooking Club, I took the subway to Yongsan station. But I wasn’t taking my usual route back to my home, I was actually stopping at Yongsan to meet up with Eliyah, Sarah, Ariel, Yves and Sofia. We planned to spend our Friday night watching Train to Busan (what would be my second time watching the movie). Since I was the only person that had been to a Korean movie theater, I recommended going to the CGV theater in Yongsan since I had been there earlier that week with my supporter group. With my memory and Korean reading abilities, I was able to find the theater once again and we all bought tickets for a 7pm showing of Train to Busan.


영화 티켓


I bought an individual cup of sweet caramel popcorn to enjoy during the movie~

The movie was just as good as when I watched it the first time. I actually understood a lot more of the movie than I did the first time which made me really happy. I was able to catch more parts of the conversations which made the movie viewing more pleasurable and it also made me cry even more since I was able to understand more of the story line. Honestly, I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. Even if you do not like foreign films or reading subtitles, this movie is a must! I love Train to Busan (부산행).


After Movie Bathroom Selfie


After Movie Selfie on an Escalator //               Credit – Sofia


After Movie Selfie Somewhere in Yongsan Station (용상역)


And that was my Friday in Seoul! I came home and told my host mom all about what I did today and my host brother overheard me talking about the movie and he was very jealous of me going to see Train to Busan. It was very funny seeing him repetitively ask to go see the movie. Looks like we have some more weekend plans? haha

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post! 안녕!

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