Going to Itaewon (이태원) and Meeting up with Another HelloTalk Friend (8/03/16)

Wednesday (August 3rd, 2016) was another meetup with one of my HelloTalk friends. This meeting was especially fun because Sofia and Yves would also be coming with me as they are also friends with the same girl. (Last time Sofia just accompanied me to meet up with my HelloTalk friend, however, she hadn’t actually talked to him previously.) But before the actual meeting, we had our Korean class as usual. I usually don’t write much about my class because there is usually nothing new that would be interesting. But today I actually documented our breaks between class with pictures so I will add them in. I thought it might be interesting to read about how the break time went down in 나무반. In the future, I want to dedicate a post on what Korean class was like but that will probably be awhile from now. Here it is. Before class started at 9am, I went to the Paris Baguette close to the school for some breakfast (I woke up late and missed breakfast with my host family…) with Cynthia and Jesse from my Korean class. I bought a pack of blueberry muffins and Cynthia and Jesse both bought the same sweet pastry and drink. A majority of the students in my class would buy snacks from cafes and convenience stores beforehand so they would have snacks to eat in class. Paris Baguette had just opened so there wasn’t much stuff out yet but I was fine with my muffins. (They were actually the same muffins we got to eat for breakfast at the Hostel~)


Paris Baguette

During the breaks between classes we always ate convenience store foods and just talked about plans so others could decide to tag along if they liked the activity. If a small group of people were lacking in snacks, we would have left the university and hurried to the convenience store to buy some. (We were never told we were allowed to do this… but we weren’t told to stop it either… XD ) During this day, we were practicing our talent show song by singing along to a karaoke version I found on Youtube. Tucker was trying to motivate everyone to memorize the lyrics as the majority of the class hadn’t taken the initiative to memorize the lines yet.


Said Motivational Speech


Snacks and Phones. Our staples during break.


We also usually added things to our white board that had a picture of Anna-Kate’s cat, random phrases in Korean, and other students from the other classes coming in and adding their own drawings of choice. Casual XD


During break, Jodi introduced us to 사과머리 (apple hair) which Jesse gladly demonstrated (using my hair tie! haha)


Selfies were also a constant activity we would partake in during class breaks. From left to right; Jesse, Nicole, Me, Casey, and Jodi.


And during class I drew on this photo of Jodi’s future boyfriend. She found my drawings amusing.

Finally after class, I went with Yves and Sofia to Itaewon which was the planned meeting spot for our HelloTalk friend. We planned to meet at an exit and we were the first to arrive. It was really awkward waiting because we were not sure if we could recognize her in the sea of Koreans. Luckily, we are pretty recognizable and our HelloTalk friend came up to us. Nothing else was planned from there on out so we just walked around Itaewon until we found a place to eat. We ended up eating at this pancake house. It was very interesting eating there as most of the people dining there were foreigners. Most of them were from South Asia and the Middle East. It just made the workers even more impressed when we did speak in Korean. Eating with our HelloTalk friends was nice as we got to practice our Korean with her. We mostly talked to each other in Korean and then used English to fill the gaps where our Korean knowledge failed us. The funniest part of it all was that she would let us know when we made mistakes to help us not make them again. This was only funny because some of the mistakes were unbelievably hilarious. During one of our conversations, Yves mentioned that he had green skin. (I can’t remember what he was trying to say but either way we all couldn’t help but laugh at his attempt.)

For the rest of the day we just walked around Itaewon and went into different shops. We ate some turkish ice cream from a vender. Turkish ice cream is very interesting because of its texture. Turkish ice cream is very thick and chewy with somewhat of an elastic texture. The ice cream stretches and sticks together which allows the vendors to play with the ice cream cone, turning it upside down and yanking it away from you quickly, before giving it to their customers.


An example of what I mean when I say they “play” with the ice cream. Pic Credit: Google


We made the worker at the Line Store in Itaewon take this photo


A wall inside of Mcdonalds


One of the things we tried to do in Itaewon was get into the American military base and we almost did it! Yves has a relative that was apart of the air force so he had this special ID of sorts that indicated that relationship. I also found out (from my Hello Talk friend) that supposedly Americans are allowed to visit the base. They were also gonna let our friend in with us since she was apart of our group. We gave them all of our IDs and they were gonna let us in but Sofia did not bring her ID to Korea (and all of our passports were with JT and Madeline) so she had no identification and they wouldn’t let her in. We were not going to go in without her so we left. Next time I go back to Korea, I would really like to visit that same base. I think it would be very interesting.

That was all for today! I hoped you enjoyed reading this post and if you would like to subscribe to my blog, click the subscribe button to the right of this post (or all the way at the bottom if you are on mobile) and confirm the subscription in the follow up email you will receive. Thanks for reading ~ ! 안녕

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