All You Can Eat $10 Korean Barbecue! (August 8th, 2016)

So Monday (August 8th, 2016) marked my last week in Seoul on the NSLI-Y program. This, obviously, made me very emotional as well as the other kids on the program. I definitely fell in love with this city and knowing that I would be leaving soon made me want to visit all my favorite places one last time throughout the week. I think it is important to constantly try new things when living in another country for a long duration of time, however, I also think having a certain place that you visit often is really important as well since you will learn to treasure those places when you look back at all your memories there.

Today, in Korean class, we had our last discussion on what we had done over the weekend (to practice speaking in the past tense). It was kinda sad for me when I started thinking about my lovely 나무반 (Tree Class) coming to an end. I have never appreciated being in a classroom so much before. Everyone truly loved the act of learning and the enthusiasm in the classroom never failed to motivate me to try my very best all the time. I talked, to my teacher and the class, about the trip to Seoul Forest with Sofia. My teacher explained that she loved visiting there in the fall. I can’t imagine how beautiful the trees must look during the autumn season!

We also took so many selfies this day! I think everyone was feeling the sadness from the fact that we were in the 6th week of our program. Today, we also had our program photographer come into our classroom to take our class photos which were a lot of fun.


So attractive~


Our 나무반 Photo~ #CutestClassEver

Monday was also our last weekly meeting with our RDs and we all got so emotional. There were a couple people (including me) that started crying/tearing up during the questions and activities. During the meeting, JT told us this really stupid, cheesy, but heartwarming story about space and the Earth. The basic summary/meaning of the story was that the astronauts did not realize the beauty of their own planet (Earth) until they stepped away and saw it from a different perspective. The meeting was mostly about preparing ourselves to fit back into American society and our hometowns.


The story that JT told us was very spontaneous and even Madeline didn’t see it coming so she couldn’t help but laugh with us while JT shared his story.


Everyone was also very TIRED as well!

After our weekly meeting, I went with Yves, Sofia, and Abby to a restaurant that sells Korean barbecue, as much as you want, for only $10! (Well, 10,000 won.) Everyone from our class said really nice things about it and so I wanted to try it out before leaving. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the name of the restaurant is but I do know that it was really close to exit 8 of the Sookmyung Women’s University subway station. The all you can eat deal is that you can order as many servings of meat as you can eat and everyone pays 10 dollars. If you don’t finish all of the meat you order, however, you have to pay extra.


Sofia, Yves, and Abby



Look at all that FOOD! ❤

After lunch, Sofia and I went to Edae and walked all around the main streets near and around Ewha University. Sofia and I love Edae and it is one of the places that I was describing earlier, the places that you visit a lot and will always have special memories there. I could not leave Korea without visiting Edae one last time, especially our favorite cafe (Snow white (백설공주) World Dessert Cafe). Sofia and I ordered a new flavor of bingsu which was Green Tea Red Bean Bingsu (녹차팥빙수). It was delicious! Our cafe never fails to satisfy us with its delicious treats. We ate our bingsu while working on our Korean homework (It may be the end of the program but we are still getting homework and Sofia and I never stop being 모범생s (Model Students) haha. Ariel, Sarah, Elliya, and Kenwoo also magically showed up at the cafe. They told us that they just walked in thinking the food on the advertisements looked good. It was a really great coincidence if you ask me. I was playing around with them by taking stalker-like photos and uploading them to our program group chat. The responses were great. I kept getting more and more creepy by even taking one outside of the cafe when I went to the bathroom. It was hilarious! Especially when Kenwoo started taking photos of Sofia and me in order to retaliate back. Good times!~


Beautiful Bingsu and Awkward Photobomb



Black and White filter creates a silent movie vibe

I came home pretty early in order to finish up all my homework and start studying for our Korean final which would end up being on Thursday. I ate dinner with my host family and went to bed after partaking in the last video call with my mom in America whilst in Seoul, South Korea.



That is all for today’s post!~ I hope you enjoyed reading. If you would like to read more posts like this, do not forget to subscribe to my blog~ Thank you! 안녕 친구들

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