Supporter Birthday Party & Din Tai Fung in Myeongdong (명동) August 9th, 2016

In Korean class today (08/09/16), we were reading dialogues in our textbooks. I noticed that the girl in the dialogue was named Sujin (수진) which is my supporter’s name and I crossed out part of the boy’s name out so it would spell Jun (준). Jun is the supporter of Ariel, Yves, and Peter from my Korean class and we usually have supporter meetings in the same location. I showed Jodi and Casey and we laughed and mocked our supporter’s voices while reading the dialogue.




Casey and I in class (we are actually seatmates!)

Sujin’s birthday was the other day and since she turned one of our meetings into a birthday party for Casey, we had to do the same for her. Better yet, it would be a surprise party! My supporter group (Jodi and Casey) decided to buy her an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (which I have also never had before). We learned from one of the first supporter meetings that Sujin loves cherry ice cream (because she picked it out when we took the photo for our first weekly photo challenge) and so we had to pick out a cake with cherry ice cream.



Said Weekly Challenge Photo


They were selling a really cute cake based on the Kakao characters. They even had an ice cream cake of a Ryan head! They were adorable but the one with all the characters was too big (and really expensive) and the Ryan one wasn’t cherry. We ended up purchasing this cake with pastel hearts which reminded us of Sujin perfectly! We also got a Kakao friends fold out chair which worked great as a gift.


kakao friends.jpg

KakaoTalk is a Korean messaging app. The app also has little characters unique to it known as Kakao friends.


Casey let me hold the cake (after a lot of promising that I would not drop it) as we walked back up to the entrance of Sookmyung Women’s University and wow was it heavy! We were meeting Sujin at the entrance since she planned to meet at a different cafe for our meeting. However, the girls and I have established a bond with Cafe Areca and we really love the cafe! So when we met up with Sujin and surprised her with the birthday cake, we begged her to let us go back to our home. She texted JT letting him know our change in plans and then we returned to Cafe Areca which would be our last meeting there since our next one (which would be our last supporter meeting EVER) would be at Blind Alley. (It is the cafe known for having raccoons.) So we held our birthday party for Sujin at Cafe Areca.


The Cake We Picked Out! BTW the pink part of the cake is Cherry!



My Supporter is SOOO Cute ❤


Supporter Selfie – WE CUTE 😉

We still did our normal studying session but we sped it up and went through the vocab words pretty fast since we spent so much time eating the cake and we had already covered the words in class. The cake was pretty expensive therefore we had to eat all of it before it melted. My favorite part of the ice cream cake were the slices made up of blueberry ice cream and cookies and cream. The cotton candy hearts on the top weren’t too bad either~ This was gonna be our last supporter meeting at Cafe Areca which was very sad. I got used to coming to this cafe so much that I knew where the napkins were, and where to get water, and I felt confident grabbing the bathroom key to head to the bathroom without even having to ask the owner. (I was this confident even after hitting my head on the glass door…) All of this may seem really trivial to any average person but when you are in a foreign country that is so different from your own home, the familiar things can really make you feel at peace and happy. I felt like I belonged in that cafe… if that makes any sense. I really grew to love the cafe so much and I know I will visit it again in the future. I follow the cafe’s owner on Instagram and I always like all their new drinks and pastries that they post about. I already have a list of what I will try next 😉 I have some photos of the cafe just so I wouldn’t forget what it looked like. It was the headquarter for my supporter group for so long ^^


The chairs do not match whatsoever but… I think that is what gives this cafe its character.


I miss this cafe already :,(

After the supporter meeting, Jodi, Casey, and I met up with Sofia at the Sookmyung subway station. We decided to head on over to Myeongdong and walk around and hang out there for possibly the last time this summer.


On The Subway


Myeongdong (명동)

We walked around, did some window shopping (we all know I can no longer afford to shop!), and ate some street food. Eventually, it started getting dark and we wanted to get some dinner. Sofia recommended that we go to Din Tai Fung which she had been to earlier this month. We had some trouble finding the restaurant at first, but eventually we came across it and Sofia was so proud of herself for remembering the location. However, she also forgot that she had made us go down this sketchy alleyway that was really dark and creepy before realizing we had to go towards the opposite direction. It ended up alright though seeing that the food at Din Tai Fung was phenomenal. Really amazing!



Look at this cute little steamed dumpling!~


We ordered an assortment of steamed dumplings. My favorite ones were the shrimp dumplings. They were delicious and I have never had steamed dumplings (xiaolongbao) before. The biggest struggle was not popping them while taking them out of the container. (Something Sofia could not get the hang of.) XD

And that was my Tuesday!~ I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you for reading! Do not forget to subscribe if you enjoy these posts about Korea and are interested in more posts on the subject and on travel in general. 안녕!~

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