NSLI-Y Korea Academic Year: Host Family Information

It is here! The long-awaited information is finally here! I woke up yesterday morning (09/04/18) and was shocked to see a plethora of messages in our AY Kakao group chat. I knew as soon as I saw the notification for 200 plus messages that host family information had arrived. I hurriedly grabbed my laptop and there it was, waiting in my inbox– my host family information.

My host family will consist of 5 individuals: host mother, host father, 2 younger host sisters (10 & 11), and 1 younger host brother (7). My host dad is an office worker while my host mom is a stay at home mother.

I am really excited about this host family because I have always wanted to have a sister! I was really hoping to be paired up with a family that had a girl. And lucky for me, I got the best of both worlds! I got a brother and sisters~

Additionally, I’m overjoyed that my host mom is a housewife. I hope that this could possibly mean that she will have more free time so that I can spend time with her. Maybe she is also more involved with her kids. I would really like to go out and do things together– with the whole family too. I loved my host family during my summer program but because they both worked, we never really went out and did things together besides the occasional dinner or simply taking my host brother to his soccer practices/games. I hope I can spend more time with this family! I will definitely try my best to.

goyang map

My host family lives in an apartment in the city of Goyang (고양시) in Gyeonggi Province (경기도). Which means that my family lives in northern Seoul. This is pretty convenient since my high school is also located in northern Seoul (on the same Subway line too!)

My host family’s home is about an 18-minute subway ride and a 20-minute bus ride to my high school. I don’t think this is bad at all! I am happy that I am not too far. Plus, no transfers so very convenient!

Receiving my host family information has made this year in Korea already feel so much more real. I can finally finish buying host family gifts! (Bless Amazon for fast shipping!!) Less than a week until I leave my home state of IL for NYC, and exactly a week until I am in Seoul, South Korea! Oh, how time flies… it feels like just yesterday that I got the AY notification. Thanks for reading! 다음에 봐요 친구들!~

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