Chill Sunday With My Korean Host Family {9/16/18} NSLI-Y Korea Academic Year


Today was a very simple, chill day. And though nothing too exciting happened, I really enjoyed the day. I was able to relax and bond more with my host family. I knew craziness would soon ensue because Korean classes would start up the next day, so I appreciated this time I had with them– stress-free.

Breakfast today was 밥 (rice), 미역국 (Seaweed Soup), and several other 반찬 (side dishes). Once we finished that, my host dad and eldest host sister taught me how to play a Korean traditional game called 윷놀이. At first, it was so very confusing. I just did what my host sister told me to do because I had never played anything quite like it before. Eventually, I caught on to the rules, realized some good strategies, and learned the names of everything!

sec 11

On the board, certain rolls of the 윷 were represented by animals: 돼지 (pig), 개 (dog), 양 (sheep), 소 (cow), and 말 (horse).

1 윷 facing up was 도

2  윷 facing up was 개

3  윷 facing up was 걸

4  윷 facing up was 윷

5  윷 facing up was 모

Later in the day, my host sisters and I left the apartment to pick up some paper at the stationary store nearby. They wanted to frame the puzzle we did together to put on the wall. I had fun walking and chatting (somewhat) with them and particularly, exploring the surrounding area.

When we got home, I helped my sister use the paper purchased to frame the puzzle. We also spent some time decorating the edges with drawings and gold foil paper. We did not really talk much while decorating but doing something together was really what was important.


Finished Product

Before lunch, we also visited the library to return books and check out a large sum of books. Walking around the kid section was kinda surreal? It was interesting to see all these books in another language– popular stories that I definitely never heard of or saw before. It was interesting to see the types of books Korean kids like to read. Also, I saw the Magic Tree House chapter books in Korean! I tried reading one… and laughed during the process. But maybe one day! I can check out some books from the series and read them no problem~

sec 7

Lunch was 떡볶이 (spicy rice cakes), 순대 (blood sausage), and the best drink ever 쥬시쿨 (peach drink)! I am eating so well here~ Lots of variety! A big grateful thank you to my host mother~ ❤

In the evening, my host dad (with my eldest host sister in tow) showed me how to take the subway from our closest subway station to 홍대역 (the station closest to our language classes). He really helped me out and made me comfortable taking this trip (and he did a good job too, I did not get lost the next day!)

sec 15

sec 13

My host dad gave me all these maps of Seoul! He is too thoughtful~

We finished the night off with reading the new books from the library, eating a dinner of chicken and rice (very similar to my moms cooking… I miss it so much! Even though I loveee Korean food.), and writing some blog posts while my host mom watched a really famous Korean Drama called Mister Sunshine. It is a historical drama I believe. I cannot follow along at all; it goes way over my head!

Thank you for reading this post! Stay tuned for the next one– my first day of Korean classes!!~ Subscribe so you do not miss any posts!

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