Last Day of Intensive Korean Classes & Bonding with My Host Sisters {9/21/18}


For this past week, we have been having intensive Korean class from 2pm to 6pm every single day. Today was our last 4 hour class of the week. It seemed like this day would never come!

The classes were exactly like the summer program, four hour daily classes; however, they did feel a lot different. During my summer program I definitely was at the bottom of the class and had to do catch up during the first two weeks, but this time I am wayyy at the bottom. I lack so much knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Also, playing catch up at this level—with such difficult vocabulary— is hard to accomplish. Additionally, the timing of the class, to me, makes it harder. Once Korean class is over, it starts getting dark and we have to hurry home for dinner. But I am not trying to only complain! I am wholeheartedly grateful to these classes, and I have already seen a small improvement– though my confidence needs some work.

From now on, I will only be having Korean class every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On those days, I will be leaving my host high school after lunch time (still am not quite sure when that will be) to take the subway and head to class by 2 pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays classes end at 5 pm while classes on Thursday will end at 6 pm. (This will make sure that we have 10 hours of Korean class every single week during the duration of the program. Though, I do believe we get a week off during winter break.)

This Friday morning was mostly spent studying. I had finished my 추석 presentation and my workbook pages the night prior, but I had to practice the grammar points for a quiz, study all the vocab I had made a Quizlet for, and memorize my presentation. This was the plan; however, it was quite a difficult thing to do because my host siblings would not leave me alone. We have gotten a lot closer and now they are not shy enough to stay out of my room when I go in– they happily follow me and sit next to me while I study, hovering over me. I find this really cute at times– especially when they draw cute things on the paper and decorate for me. However, sometimes I need just peace and quiet and privacy to study at the best of my abilities. I did get everything done, though. I finished memorizing my presentation on the subway by quietly whispering to myself! Hopefully, no one heard me 😛

During class, we took our quiz and I did worse than what I would have hoped for. I spelled one word wrong, used the wrong verb, and then I failed to utilize a grammar point correctly… so look at me failing at Korean….

I gave my 추석 presentation first (so I would not have to try and follow up Jacquelyn’s or Josh’s presentation– which was probably my best decision that day because Josh’s went into depth about the history of 추석 and Jacquelyn discussed gender discrimination stemming from 추석 traditions {or so I believe because like I said my Korean is not good!!}) What did I talk about? The basics of 추석: what foods are eaten, what games they play, and other traditions. Yeah… mine was definitely child’s play in comparison to theirs….

ran 5

One of my presentation slides

After class, I was beat. Staying up till 1:30 am made it hard to not nod off in class and I just wanted to get home right away! Luckily, a lot of people had left 서울 already to visit hometowns, so the subway was not too crowded. I took the line up to my host family’s home and I was not packed like a sardine during the duration of my commute~

ran 1

We also started prepping for my host sister’s birthday party~

For dinner, I ate with the entire family. We had fish, 김치찌개 (Kimchi Stew), and other side dishes. I ate 멸치 (Anchovy) for the first time ever, too. At first, I did not know what it was (yes… I missed the eyes) but I did really like it. When I found out what it was, I was shocked!! I continued to eat it though because I am not the type of person that gets grossed out by something after knowing what it is. It was good before I knew and it is still good now. Probably one of my favorite side dishes (after squid and cucumber kimchi)

ran 6

I studied Korean a bit last night so I would not have to spend much more time doing that later. I made a quizlet with the words from my textbook and the ones I did not understand during class and then I got a head start on the textbook vocabulary for the next class by making a quizlet for that too. While I was studying, my host sisters were hanging out with me in my room. The youngest of the two began using my pens to draw me. It was adorable! I took a break from studying to draw her too. My eldest host sister felt left out and wanted me to draw her, so I did. She drew me too! Now their two drawings decorate my room~ Makes it more personal!


We played around with Snow and Snapchat filters too!~

I went to bed early that night because I was so tired~ I fell asleep listening to some Youtube videos.

Thank you for reading this post~ Subscribe to my blog if you want to receive alerts when I upload a new post. I am doing daily posts as of now but I have a feeling that will shortly turn into posts that encompass several days as I have less and less time to write. We will see… I also feel like these may be super boring to most people probably? Since in most of them, I am not doing too many exciting things like I did during the NSLI-Y summer program. But, I mean, that is real life on an AY program~

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