Celebrating My Host Sisters Birthday with a Party! (09/22/18) NSLI-Y AY


I slept in this morning; it was so nice~ I woke up at around 9 am and then I left my room at about 9:15 am. The morning was hectic as everyone was running around to get ready for the birthday party starting at noon. My host mom was cooking while my host dad was cleaning the living room. I even helped out too by going with my eldest host sister to pick up the cake and buy some fruit for the party.

bi 8


We went to Tours Les Jours Bakery and picked up a chocolate golden cake and then to a fresh fruit stand right outside with fruits nicely packaged for 추석 presents. We decided to go with tangerines.

bi 4

Birthday Cake!!!~

At home, we continued setting up. I stopped for a bit to FaceTime my friend. She’s currently thriving at Notre Dame and so we talked about that and some issues and worries she’s been having. I also ranted about Korean class and shared my excitement for all that is to come.

The party started a little after 12 once the two guests arrived. We set up a table in the living room with cake, snacks, sausage & rice cake skewers, ribs, and lots of fruit.

bi 5

Once everyone ate, my host dad began some games he prepared earlier that evening. First, we played a version of Bingo. My host dad would say a topic {like countries} and then we had to fill in our card with our answers. I, obviously, could NOT fill out an entire sheet with country names so I ran into my room because there is a Korean globe in there. It saved me!

Then we all went around in a circle and said one country name from our sheet at a time and crossed them out as we went. The first person with three bingos was declared the winner. Hilariously enough, the birthday girl won each game!

After that game, we played something that I would describe it as a mix of telephone and charades. We all had to line up and face the opposite direction. My host dad showed the first person a random word and they had to come up with a gesture {no sounds allowed} to get the next person in the line to guess what the word represents. Everyone has to copy the gesture as they go down the line. Then, the last person has to say the word. I did pretty well actually! Even when I had to guess the word! I used Korean for all my answers besides one!

The last game was kind of like the board game Taboo. My host dad prepared a list of words and we had to try to get everyone else to guess the word without using the word. This game was a lot of fun cause it really tested my Korean abilities!

For example, my first word was 핸드폰 {cellphone}

So I said “메시지를 보내고 싶을 때 뭐 사용해요?” {When you want to send a message, what do you use?}

After games, I had to relax for a bit since I was so tired. I ended up falling asleep for like 20 minutes {power nap!!}

For dinner, we ate some fried chicken and seaweed soup. {My host mom told me that seaweed soup is usually eaten during birthdays. I told her that I learned, in class, that you shouldn’t eat seaweed soup before taking a test. It’s a Korean superstition that says you will not do well on the test since the soup is so slippery.}

I watched Parent Trap with my host sisters for a bit before I went to bed. I put on Korean subtitles for them, but it was also interesting to see how they were different from what was actually said.

And that was my Saturday with my host family~ I will be spending a lot of time with them for the next couple of days since it’s the 추석 holidays. I’m even going with them to visit relatives. I’m grateful that I can be a part of that~ I’m very lucky to have been placed with my host family~ They are the best!

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