Bike Riding, Badminton, & Ice Cream with my Host Family {09/23/18} NSLI-Y AY


Today was my youngest host sister’s birthday. We spent the day one part chilling at home in each other’s company and the other part being outside doing a million different things.

I woke up pretty late and stayed in my room to sort my laundry and message some friends so when I did come out, my eldest host sister and host dad had already eaten. So I ate with my host mother only. We had a nice breakfast of 계란 (egg), 미역국 (seaweed soup), 밥 (rice), and of course lots of 반찬 {side dishes}.

I watched some television with my host sisters and studied a bit of Korean that morning too {I had done none the day before. I’m studying from the book one level below the one I’m using in class. I’m making sure I know all the grammar and vocab in that book to truly allow me to catch up to everyone. I know a lot of it already but there are some new ones. In particular, there are grammar points that I only understand but can’t implement or that I know how to use by naturally picking it up from others but never actually learned the rules behind them.}

bir 10.jpg

After studying, my youngest host sister asked me if I wanted to ride bikes and I was all for it! I hadn’t ridden a bike in a while and I have missed it! At home back in the states, I would just hop on my bike and ride around the neighborhood for fun, for a little exercise, and to clear my head. I like thinking while riding bikes.

I got dressed and we all {except my host mom} left to go to the park. Now I’m not sure if all Korean bikes were like this but the one I was using had a very low frame? Does that make sense? I don’t know much about bike terms but it was not really like the one I ride back home. (Such a stupid statement by me! Yes, of course, there are different types of bikes! What is my mind?) When we got to the park, I realized that it was just a block away from the subway station I use to get to class! I will definitely have to visit that park again just to stroll around.

First, I just rode around with my host sister for a bit. I then left the area where everyone was staying to bike a longer path. It was so quiet and the trees draped over the path as if they were making a roof. It was pretty, and I really enjoyed the wind albeit it was a bit cold.

bir 3

When I came back, my host dad asked me to join the badminton game with my host sister as he had become tired. While we played, we didn’t say much except the occasional “I’m sorry.” We mostly just laughed a lot because we were both not very good {though I will say that badminton is my favorite sport!}

After a couple rounds, I played on the 아줌마 (older lady) exercise machines with my sisters as we watched my host brother catch gross bugs. I know when I was little I caught frogs but bugs?!? It’s cute though~ He gets so excited when he catches one and watching him run around with a net bigger than him is adorable.

bir 4

We went out for Chinese food for lunch— or at least Koreanized Chinese food. I ate 짜장면 and my favorite yellow radishes as a side dish! I had yet to see them since I’ve been here. They are my favorite! I also tried 짬뽕 (Spicy Seafood Soup) which was way too spicy for me and I like to consider myself a person that can handle spice. My host mom also made me try this thing that was in the soup. You bit into it and it burst and stuff came out, but you wouldn’t eat the outside. I really don’t know what it was so I will have to do some research to figure out what it was. (Still have no idea what it was… someone enlighten me?)

bir 5

After lunch, we stayed at the park a bit more. My eldest host sister wasn’t very good at riding bikes so I took her around the park and made her comfortable riding it! We also played some more badminton. While we were playing, this little old lady came by and sat near us. She would make comments sometimes. Like when she first sat down, she was like “Oh my, your hair is so long!” And later when we kept missing the birdies, she said: “blame the wind!” It was cute~

I also rode my bike near the library with my youngest host sister. During our ride, she asked me lots of questions about Halloween. {She is very interested in it!} I think I want to surprise them by having a Halloween party! I can buy decorations at Daiso and buy lots and lots of candy. We can maybe watch a Halloween movie on Netflix! Maybe I can invite some NSLIY friends too~ I think that would be fun! We will see what happens.

After our tiring day at the park, we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. I got to try a flavor only available in Korea! I believe the name was “너는 참 달고나.” It’s an ice cream flavor based on the old Korean candy 달고나. Basically all sugar! But it was very very delicious~~

bir 7

bir 8

At night, we ate dinner at home. We had ribs {with their favorite TGIF barbecue sauce. They were excited to show it to me, and I was surprised to hear that’s popular here. Though, I don’t particularly like barbecue sauce.} For my host sister’s birthday party, my host mom made these sausage rice cake skewer type things and they are the best!

I studied a bit at night with the 이화 textbook and watched a Korean drama with my host sisters called 어느 와이프. We then celebrated my host sister’s birthday with a vanilla roll cake. We put one candle in it and sang her happy birthday again~

bir 9

I played with my host sisters for a bit. We played this fun game where we would lie on the ground and play catch but we couldn’t really see the ball until it was right in front of our faces. It was quite thrilling.

We all ended up going to bed early cause we had to wake up before 6 am to visit relatives for 추석 (Korean Holiday)

Stay tuned for a 추석 post! And I hope you liked this one~ Thanks for reading!

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