Getting Lost, Tiramisu Cafe, and Pizza in Hongdae {09/27/18} NSLI-Y Korea AY


I woke up early today again to be able to eat breakfast with my host sisters. Today’s spread included 미역국 (seaweed soup), 밥 (rice), 전 (Korean style savory pancakes), and what I think was 계란찜과 새우 (steamed eggs with shrimp)? {I’m not exactly sure what my host mom told me.}

cafe 10


I left the house early—without eating lunch— to meet up with Katie at 홍대역. We planned to find this cafe that looked like an inside of a comic book. All the furniture and decorations were black and white and looked like they were drawn by hand. We were excited to take cute pictures and get some studying done there; however, our luck didn’t actually play out in the way we hoped.

The first thing that went wrong was our meeting. We planned to meet at Exit 2 at 11am. Katie arrived at 10:59 while I got there at 11:02. I waited till 11:15 for Katie wondering where she was. Finally, by texting each other, we found out that she had been waiting outside the station the whole time while I was waiting inside. Dumb move by yours truly.

I pulled up the cafe on Kakao maps but with no WiFi… I had to rely on my screenshots and the locations that were showing up as road markers. At first, we were going the right way, we passed exit three and found the forest path but eventually, we realized that we had walked away too far and were now approaching 가좌역. We retraced our steps and found the right place to turn. It looked like our luck at turned around! I found the restaurant that was marked on the map; however, that was the last of our successes. We kept walking and realized that we had no idea where we were going. The place that we were surprised to turn at seemed to not exist anymore? We decided to give and turn around and find another cafe to sit at. While we were backtracking, I found another place that was marked closer to the cafe. We literally groaned in frustration. Now we know the side street to turn on… we will go back; I promise you that!

cafe 9

We walked back closer to exit three and decided to pick a random place. I recommended 망원동 티라미수 because I had been there before and knew there was good seating and free WiFi.


We stayed there for about an hour memorizing vocab and eating tiramisu. This time I actually got something! Green Tea Tiramisu cake~

cafe 7

This entire week the Better World Office was closed for 추석 연휴 so we were having Korean class at a youth center {the same one that 1반 and 2반 usually have their classes at}. Honestly, I wish we could have class there everyday! The walk from the station is so short {compared to our 15-minute commute by foot} and everyone else is there! So during breaks, I could talk to and rant to the other kids on our program. Because of our class location, I hadn’t seen many of them for days!

Today… Korean class was not too bad. I felt that I understood the new grammar points well and I was more creative when giving example sentences. I also explained what I did over the 추석 break semi-coherently! Though, there were still many times where I was confused and missed entire parts of the conversations (will that ever change?)

After class, I let my host mom know that I was going to be home late as I planned to hang out with my friends for a bit (and buy my host sister a gift!). We first went to Gongcha for bubble tea (my first time since arriving in Korea again) and then we went to this restaurant called Pizza School for–you guessed it–pizza. Jacquelyn, Liam, Katie, and I split a 불고기 피자. Honestly, I really dislike Korean pizza… where can I find true American style pizza??? Help a girl out!

cafe 4

cafe 5

Katie came with me to a vintage toy shop nearby. They had Pez dispensers, cute accessories, Disney themed things, and they even had lots of old McDonald toys. I collected these Madame Alexander mini porcelain dolls from McDonald Happy Meals when I was little but sold them all at garage sales. It was so nostalgic to see them there. In the store, I bought a lollipop pen and a Minnie Mouse hand mirror for my host sister. The store owner was so nice; she even gave me a real lollipop as a service. (I was happy to know that my sister could get a real lollipop along with her fake one.)

cafe 3

Liam and Katie left right after dinner to go home (lucky for them, they live so close!), so Jacquelyn and I hung out for a little bit more. We checked out this Shabu Shabu restaurant that we want to go to for a birthday lunch get together for Jaquelyn and Hunter and looked around Butter (It is like an Artbox mixed with Daiso? It has mostly homeware I would say.) I picked up a bow ponytail for my host sister and a bag to put everything in.

At night, I talked with my host family for a bit while eating chestnuts (for the first time! Like I had to bite them to open them and get to the inside) and drinking 식혜 (sweet rice drink). My host dad is really enthusiastic about be starting school soon because he thinks that 하나고 is a great school. He kept asking me if I knew if he could visit with me soon. He said if not, we could all take a trip to the 한옥마을 박물관 that is right across the street and a temple that is not too far from the school too. I am really appreciative that my host family wants to do so many things with me!

cafe 1

Chestnuts (밤), cookies, and 식혜!~

That is all for this blog post! I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday~ I cannot wait for the weekend. This week was action packed and crazy so I am excited to rest a bit this weekend~ I hope you enjoyed this post! 다음에 봐요~~

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