Sunday Spent in Myungdong: Street Food, Shopping, and Sulbing {09/30/18}


I left my host family’s home this morning before many of them had woken up. My eldest host sister was reading in the living room so I quietly said goodbye to her while I left a note on the kitchen table for my host mom.

myeong 1

Walking to my closest subway station~

I met up with Katie at Myungdong exit 6 a little bit before 11 am {our planned meeting time}. While we waited for Kaitlyn and Alix to show, we hopped on over to Olive Young cause Katie wanted to buy some nail polish remover for our first day of school tomorrow; she needs to have it off or she will get in trouble. We aren’t allowed to wear any accessories to school— no earrings, makeup, or nail polish.

myeong 2

Shrek Face Masks? What???

Eventually, Kaitlyn and Alix showed up and we began to explore Myungdong. I’ve been back in Korea for two weeks now but have only really been around my host family’s home and 홍대. It was fun to be able to explore 명동 for the first time in two years!

myeong 3

You see that wooden bench in this photo? Katie and I were sitting there chatting for a bit. While we were talking, this man threw a bucket of water onto the ground in front of us and sprayed us too… we literally screamed and ran away… it was a bit weird.

We started walking around looking for a place to eat but everyone was feeling lazy and we only kept coming across 냉면 places. We all agreed that it was too cold to eat that dish right now. We kept walking and made it to a 설빙 {very famous bingsu place in Korea}. We, at that moment, simultaneously decided to get 빙수 for lunch… we didn’t even care that technically it should be “too cold to eat that.” We ordered a 오래오초코몬스터빙수 (Chocolate Oreo Monster Bingsu) It was my first time having this flavor and it was delicious!

myeong 4

After eating a delicious frozen treat, Katie left for 홍대 to meet up with Liam to study. Alix, Kaitlyn, and I tried to find this famous money exchange place nearby. I used Kakao Maps and tried my best {and unlike last time with my luck with that cafe…} we found it. Alix and I both exchanged money {I exchanged iEarn’s luggage reimbursement and some Euros my Abuelo gave me}. It was so easy! I could have definitely done it sooner. I promised I’d come back with Katie cause she forgot to bring her cash.

myeong 22

Once we had more money {don’t worry I’m not spending any till I get the next stipend}, we left to find a cat cafe nearby. I looked for one on Kakao Maps and successfully found it {two in one day!} We walked in and immediately were greeted by bright colors and cat decorations.

myeong 6

Cutest drawing ever!

We put on slippers, washed our hands, listened to the rules, ordered our drinks, and then we were given free rein to play with all the cute cats we wanted. I forgot how much I loved cats until I was simply relaxing, sipping a green tea latte, and petting the soft coat of a Himalayan. Oh my were these cats beautiful! We stayed for about an hour and then left to go to Daiso and dig into some street food.

myeong 16

myeong 10

We walked down a Main Street of 홍대 and honestly, if I had the money, I would have gotten one of every street food option! Alix and Kaitlyn split some baked cheese {떡 (rice cake) and cheese on a stick} and a cheesy tornado potato (spiraled potato on a stick)— both 4,000 Won {about $4} while I enjoyed 호떡 (Korean sweet pancake) with Kaitlyn for 2,000 Won {about $2}.

myeong 23

myeong 27

After trying some street food, we all said our goodbyes. Alix & Kaitlyn were going to their high school to exchange their uniforms while I just went home.

I ate dinner with my host family once they got back from their day at the mall. We hung out in the living room a bit and I played this really fun board game with my youngest sister called Matching Numbers. I lost both times but nonetheless, had fun. The rules were really easy to pick up quick, and it reminded me of something I want to do in Korea— go to a board game cafe! That’s on my bucket list.

myeong 25

I also studied a lot that night because I had many workbook pages to complete, a writing assignment to do, and I thought I had to study for a quiz. {It turned out to be the Thursday of this week instead.}

Thanks for reading this post! Tomorrow is my first day of school!! Ahhh I cannot begin to describe the myriad of emotions I’m feeling just thinking about it. Well, I’ll try in that blog post.

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