Studying at a Cafe Near Ehwa Women’s University {10/03/18} NSLI-Y AY


Today started out right… with kimchi fried rice and an egg on top! (Look at me always thinking about food~) I sat in front of the TV with my eldest host sister and we watched ICarly while eating. After a relaxing morning with my host family, I left the house to meet up with Katie at 이대 (the area around 이화여자대학교) in order to get lunch together and then hang out at a cafe.

We originally planned to visit my favorite cafe (one that I religiously went to when I was here two years prior) but when I arrived at its location… I saw a Twosome Place instead! I was pretty disappointed. Katie and I walked around for a bit trying to find a cheap place to eat. We decided to go to this restaurant with 냉면 (cold water noodles) in the name; however, there was no 냉면 on the menu? I ended up ordering this spicy noodle dish thinking I could handle them… boy, I was wrong. I later showed my mom the picture of the food afterward and she was like “You tried eating that? Some Koreans think that is too spicy. No wonder you did not finish it all!” They were not that bad if you do not count the fact that my mouth felt like it was going to disintegrate because of the heat and spice…


After we had lunch, we attempted to find a cafe to sit at and do work (I planned to do my Korean homework while Katie wanted to decorate some notebooks she bought at Artbox for school.) But, we also really wanted dessert (me specifically because I did not eat much of the noodles and I wanted something cold and refreshing ASAP!). We ended up at 설빙 (a famous 빙수 {Korean Shaved Ice} place).

equa 4

Feeling like experimenting, we decided to try out the 초코첵스빙수 (Chocolate Chex (cereal) Bingsu). And it was probably the best decision I made that day. (Comparing it to those spicy noodles, it definitely was!) It was so delicious! And the 빙수 came with a little bowl of milk to pour on top which made it feel like we were eating cereal! We ate the 빙수 pretty quickly and then stayed to study for about two more hours.

I came home afterward to be early enough to eat dinner with my host family. My host mom made these cute little skewer things with spicy 떡 (rice cakes) and sausage which ended up becoming one of my favorite things (that she has made so far) so dinner was great. We also talked more during that dinner. My mom finished decorating our home back in America for Halloween, and I showed my host mom and sisters all the photos. My mom goes crazy when it comes to decorations, so they were truly amazed to see everything. My youngest sister even got a little scared when looking at the zombie decorations and the severed heads, etc.

I studied more at night because I had a test the next day. I reviewed the two chapters of vocab that we learned and then I also went through my quizlets a couple of times. I am really thankful for this day off~ I needed some time away from the demanding things in my life right now to take a breather. (Did I mention that I did not go to school–on this Wednesday–because it is Foundation Day (개천절날) in Korea? The holiday celebrates the formation of the first Korean state Gojoseon (고조선) and is considered to be the date in which the Korean People were founded.)

equa 9

equa 8

Enjoy this picture of my host sister wearing my uniform jacket ❤

Thanks for reading this blog post! I hope you enjoyed~ Subscribe to be updated when I post regularly! This is a very short blog post for me~ (Usually, I would combine this day with the next day…) However, I will be uploading an extra blog post next week because NSLI-Y Semi-Finalist Notifications are coming out! (They are probably out by the time I post this!) I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to those moving onto the next step of the NSLI-Y applications! And to those that are not… I hope you continue to apply or at least continue to find some way to fuel this language-learning passion of yours~ My next post will be my Academic Year Interview Experience. I will link that here (when it is up).

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