Being Schooled in Korean Class, Buskers in Hongdae, and Bingsu {10/11/18} NSLI-Y Korean AY

10/11/18 Thursday

In the morning, I woke up to find my host mom making 김밥 (to explain this dish simply, it is the Korean version of sushi basically. Rice and other ingredients rolled up in seaweed) on the kitchen table. I had never seen it being made before, so I was very intrigued by the long thin slices of the ingredients and the rolling process. She made the first roll for me for breakfast and it was delicious! I was able to eat it quickly and leave for the train station to be just on time. I always talk about leaving earlier so I can take my time walking to the station {rather than sprinting the second half of the walk} but I can’t get myself to save time. If I realize I have extra time, I waste it!


School was very chill today. Once again, all I had was self-study basically. During my first period World History class, we reviewed for one half of the class and then the other was for self-study. I utilized the time well and studied Korean. I went through my textbook and studied the week’s grammar points. I talked to my friend 지은 for a bit about her cute notes and how she is feeling about school. We didn’t sing today which was kinda disappointing! I was looking forward to that…


Next class was Art and again it was spent doing self-study; however, this class as a whole slept more than my previous class {more students were actually reviewing during class}. During the class, I memorized this chapter’s vocab words by doing Quizlets and then I caught up on some late blog posts. {I am a couple days behind and it is killing me! Though it’s the weekend now so hopefully I can catch up—and there’s no school next week so extra free time! AN: when I say that I am behind I do not mean posting–as I am quite literally two months behind–I mean that I try to write posts every day.}


During the ten minute break between the two periods of art class, I met Katie at the 매점 to pick up some snacks. I bought this Vitamin C drink that 서린 introduced to me and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds. All for about 1,800 Won {About $1.80}.

Katie and I ate lunch by ourselves today because we only had a limited time seeing that we had Korean class. They were serving an “American style” meal today so no chopsticks were even offered, just forks, spoons, and knives. There was some kind of meatloaf patty with a gross barbecue sauce, corn soup, white rice, and fries. Sweet fries might I add. It was like eating dessert fries? Katie and I really couldn’t stomach the food. I don’t like to consider myself picky but I hate corn, I don’t like barbecue sauce {or meatloaf} so I only ate the rice and some fries. We decided that we could get something before getting on the subway to tie us over.

On the bus, we got off one stop earlier at this market near the station and we found a lady selling 호떡. Two pieces for about one dollar. The type of 호떡 that we had was very thin dough with cinnamon and sugar {I think} sandwiched in between. It tasted like a thin English muffin with cinnamon butter. {<—— this is me comparing it to something I’ve eaten in America}

We made it back to 홍대 earlier than expected so we hung out at the convenience store by the cultural youth center. We bought a drink and snacks to eat later during Korean class breaks if we got hungry. We met up with our RD 민정쌤 at TwoSome Cafe quickly in order to ask her if we had to go to school on Monday. During homeroom today, I talked to 하나고 민정쌤 about the fact that our assigned lockers were occupied and that I needed to know the WiFi password. While she was figuring everything out for me, she let me know that Monday was just going to be self-study in most classes so it was not necessary that we go to school. She said she would be lenient with us!

So Katie and I had a plan to convince 민정쌤 by saying that we will study Korean (together) instead and that we would not even need extra stipend to cover lunch that day. Right away she was like “Sure.” and we got so happy! I was very grateful that I could sleep in another day and have a break~ (Though do not worry, I will be studying Korean very often during this week off.)

Korean class was a bit difficult today. I had a lot of trouble grasping this one grammar point (- (으) ㄹ 테니까) and though my teacher tried her best, I was having a hard time forming sentences on my own though I felt that I could understand the other example sentences. And one time, when she was trying to get me to work through my own example sentence, she kept hinting for me to use a formal version of this verb because this sentence was for her– a respected authority figure. I could not get what she was getting at whatsoever, so I sat there feeling like I was going to burst into tears at any moment. Luckily, she asked Jacquelyn to step in and clean up the mess that I created and it was break time right after. I ran to the bathroom–not to cry– but to take a break from everything. I was feeling very very overwhelmed.

But even though I was feeling this way, I also really enjoyed the class at many points too. We had a fun discussion about the other Korean classes (kind of spilling tea but it was fun being able to have a non-academic conversation in Korean class) and how our class was. My teacher talked about me being very emotional and unsure of myself at first but being able to get over that and gain confidence which has led me to participate more in class, etc (which is very true because I think I barely said more than a couple sentences during the very first class) But then she talked about realizing that I really was not an emotional person and I was wowwww… 선생님, you could not be more wrong! I am so emotional! Hopefully, there will not be a reason for her to change her mind. (Let us hope that I do not have any mental breakdowns during class!!!!) (AN: HAH Reading this two months later… this is so funny. If this was AP Lit, I would call that sentence major Foreshadowing.)

After school, I decided to hang out with some NSLI-Y students because I was in the mood to go out and clear my head– have some good conversation. So, Liam, Jacquelyn, Alix, Kaitlyn, and I decided to walk around 홍대 to watch some buskers. A few blog posts ago, I wrote about Liam’s encounter with a male dancer who called him 핑크형 (pink older brother): I will link that blog post here. We went back down the main (busking) streets of 홍대 looking for him and we did find him! Not only that, but he remembered Liam! They talked for a bit and he has convinced Liam to come back and do a dance. While this conversation was happening, I could not stop laughing with Kaitlyn.


Look at the height difference XD

We got 빙수 (Bingsu) shortly after at 설빙 which was very delicious! Kaitlyn, Alix, and I finally got to try out one of the melon flavors which included cheesecake pieces, strawberries, and of course half an entire cantaloupe. It was a bit expensive but worth it nonetheless. The 설빙 was decorated for Halloween and I really wanted to take some photos in front of the giant skeleton and pumpkin but I was not photoshoot ready (I love the 하나고 생활복 but not the cutest!) Maybe I can come back? Also, there was a photo booth inside which was 4,000 Won for 4 photos (such a good deal) and there was a corkboard of the photo strips right outside the cafe. I took some really cute photos with Kaitlyn and Alix. (Well pretty cute, we messed up a couple poses trying to get fancier with our poses– but luckily the booth let us choose the best 4 photos.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing with my host family, watching Youtube videos, and writing blog posts. I studied no Korean, literally none. At the time I was feeling very guilty about it but sometimes your brain needs a break. I am not upset. I could tell I was at my limit and needed to all myself to rest.


I also found this lovely gem on the NSLI-Y Meme Page!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! Until I post again~

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