Chicken Bus and Karaoke: Tuesday Night Out {10/16/18} NSLI-Y Korea AY

10/16/18 Tuesday

Today’s plan was to meet Katie at 10:30 in 홍대 in order to do some hardcore studying at a cafe. This was the intended plan; however, I was late—as usual. The reason being me underestimating how long my laundry would take. After my host family left in the morning, I did a load of laundry consisting of my pants and school uniform because I wanted to have that ready for next week {and I high key desperately needed some more pants to wear!} I also might have put wet clothes in my suitcase… YIKES. How fast does mold grow…

I got to 홍대 around 11:20 and met up with Katie at Angel In Us Coffee. Their vanilla latte was good, but the WiFi was terrible. I connected my phone and laptop to it but none of my pages would ever load. I think I was able to send one Snapchat on the WiFi. I couldn’t do my Quizlets and my teacher had my notebook, so I spent the hour just writing some lines for my presentation offline on Google Docs.

chicken bus 14

One funny thing that happened at the cafe was that I ordered a hot vanilla cafe latte which was priced at 5,300 Won. I gave the barista 6,000 Won. {That is about $5.30 and $6.00 respectively.} Though this was the case, and you’d expect me to get only 700 Won back in charge… I ended up getting 4,000 Won in charge. When he handed me the bills, I was so confused. Confused as to why I was getting any change in bills seeing that I didn’t give him any large bills. I walked up to the second floor where Katie was sitting and told her about my 90+% discounted drink. I thought about going back down to say something but my Korean was and is not good enough for that so… I was glad that my stipend could stretch a bit further!~

chicken bus 1

After the cafe, we rushed to meet Kaitlyn and Alix at one of the station exits to grab lunch which we were also late to too. We feared we would not have enough time to eat but it turned out fine~ We had time to spare too! Kaitlyn recommended this place because the food was so cheap! I got this huge delicious 치즈돈까스 for 6,500 Won and the normal one is only 5,500 Won!

chicken bus 13

After lunch, we all stopped by the convenience store and picked up ice cream. I got carp bread ice cream which is filled with red bean (not fish flavored!!!)~ Something I’ve been wanting to have again since coming back to Korea. It was so good! Definitely my favorite ice cream here (not too sweet all!)

chicken bus 3

I hung out with the other NSLI-Y students at the youth center for a bit before leaving with Josh and Jacquelyn to walk to Better World. 민정쌤 was there to hand out stipends to the 1반 2반 students so we figured she’d meet us at Better World later. But right as we were opening the door for the building, she showed up out of nowhere. We actually technically showed up to class a little less than 10 minutes late but it was alright because 민정쌤 let us know earlier on in the day that our Korean teacher was going to be 10 minutes late, so we took our sweet time showing up to class.

Class today was a bit of struggle I’m going to be honest… the end of this book just happens to have these grammar points that are so abstract to me. And though I can read the English explanation over and over, I can’t seem to understand how exactly to form the sentence.

There was one point in our conversation dialogue practice that my teacher was trying to get me to come to the conclusion that I should use 는데 rather than 어서 and I was not getting what she was trying to beat around the bush to say. I sat there uncomfortably trying to see my mistake until I finally looked at the example and copied it. And then, she asked me to explain how I feel when I notice a lot of similarities between 하나고 and my American high school experience. I wanted to describe that when I see similar things at 하나고 that I am reminded of my time in high school and I think about the memories— basically reminiscing. I didn’t want to say it in English so I tried my best to describe it but I was struggling so hard that I was near tears. But looking back at it now, I’m just so emotional. I can’t expect myself to be able to coherently and accurately express all my thoughts right now. I just have to get to the point that I can deal with the times where I feel like I’m stuck unable to say anything. It will take some time but I have 8 more months left for that~ GROWTH MINDSET!!!!

After class, 9 out of 16 of us met up to eat fried chicken at this place Liam wanted to go to. We thought the name of the place was exceptionally strange: Chicken Bus. Mostly we were going for the meme. We fit the loud foreigner stereotype to a T during that dinner— we were laughing and yelling… wow was it a night. But honestly, I didn’t mind, it was a Tuesday night and beside us, the place was empty. We ended up ordering 4 different types of chicken and I believe we only left one piece after the night was over. We ordered a black pepper garlic kind, a cheesy original kind, a spicy kind, and a sweet spicy kind. They were all very delicious but I felt that one of my garlic pieces was undercooked? So I only had one of that type. During dinner, I got to talk to June and Shada more which was so nice because I never seem to be able to hang out with them.

chicken bus 8

chicken bus 6

After chicken, everyone was still set on doing another activity so we went to a coin 노래방 and it was my first time going to one~ In the past, I’ve only gone to ones where you pay to have the room for an hour for a certain price. These rooms allow you to use coins to pay which is extremely convenient because everyone always has lots of coins but usually never ends up using them. I believe at this place {Owned by June’s host uncle actually} cost 300 Won {about 30 cents USD} for one song and 500 Won {about 50 cents USD} for two songs. We sang our little hearts out to a variety of artists: Seventeen, SHINee, Nicki Minaj, Twice, Apink, Ailee, Kwill, BTS, Gfriend, Taeyang, etc

Our throats were sore and dry afterward but it was so very worth it. I totally 100% acknowledge the fact that I am probably the worst singer to live on this planet but that won’t stop me from belting out those high notes. When Karaoke was over, most of us separated to go home but I still wasn’t ready to leave. I walked with Jacquelyn and Liam over to a park area and bought ice cream at the convenience store. We ate our ice cream bars while watching this busker and he was very talented. A voice like honey~ He was playing the encore song when we were watching him but then he ended up playing two more. He also sang some song in English but before he did that, he apologized for not being able to speak English well. Nevertheless, he did amazing! He was worrying for no reason.

I went home after that— getting home at 9:15 which is pretty late for me. Our curfew is 9:30 so I was on time but usually, I come home only a little after 8 pm. I told my host mom where I was and so it was alright plus, I really enjoyed spending that time with my NSLI-Y cohort~ Where would I be without them? I don’t know!

The rest of the night was spent me worrying over my laundry and adding more things to my presentation. I didn’t do much, to be honest, as I was exhausted. Tomorrow is going to be a cafe day so I’ll get it done then~

That’s all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed~ Subscribe for more by just adding your email~ Thank you! 다음에 봐요~

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