Biking Along Han River, Waffle Cafe, and Studying {10/17/18} NSLI-Y Korea AY

10/17/18 Wednesday

Though this is probably very shocking to most of you—including me—I am proud to say that I was on time to meet Katie today. In fact, I was early!! We met up at 공독 because that is her closest train station and I had it as my transfer station, so I waited for her there in order to travel to our destination together: Han River.

han river 9

We first stopped at the I Seoul U sign in front of the water. Apparently it has been there for 2 years? They must have built it after I was there during the summer of 2016. Katie and I went and rented our bikes: 3,000 Won {about $3} for an hour. We took our bikes down both paths that forked in front of the main area. We rode each direction for a bit and then came back to the center. Once we finished riding our bikes, we walked to a convenience store alongside the biking/walking path to get some lunch. This convenience store was really interesting because it had a lesser assortment of drinks but more variety when it came to beer. There was also a ton of more options for ramen and instant foods like that. Outside of the convenience store, there were hot water boilers and microwaves to cook the instant food outside. I assumed it was like this because the only people that go there are eating food along the water/having picnics. And it also seems that it’s a popular place for office workers and college students to come during breaks.

han river 1

My love Katie ❤

Katie and I enjoyed our Kimbap and fruit-flavored drinks. {She may tell you that I force fed her 단무지 (yellow radish) but that’s a complete and utter lie!} We couldn’t find the trash can and were silently freaking out about not knowing where to throw away our trash. We planned to watch where this one group of girls threw away theirs but we were too busy talking to notice when they were done eating. Because we are complete and utter failures, we packed up our garbage in a Ziploc bag and threw it away in a subway garage can… Not the move? Maybe…

After biking, we headed over to 이대 to go to Waffle it Up {the place we went to on Saturday after 경복궁} to study for a couple hours— and eat delicious waffles and gelato while at it. We were there for about 4 hours! I finished my script for my presentation and the actual PowerPoint slide while sprinkling in some YouTube video breaks and Quizlet vocab studying for good measure.

han river 4

I came home early to be able to eat dinner with my host family. I sat with my host sisters in front of the tv eating spaghetti with all different shapes of pasta. After dinner, I worked with my eldest host sister to complete some pages in her English speaking and writing book. It was actually fun because I got to joke around with her and it seemed as if we bonded doing this activity. At one point, she had to write a short paragraph about her family and she chose to say that she had 6 family members. I looked at her and asked “What do you mean 6 people?” thinking she simply miscounted. She pointed at me and said, “You!” At that moment, I couldn’t help but smile at her. I don’t know if she knew what she did was very sweet, but it made my night. It was already past 8:30 pm when we finished working together so I quickly took a shower and finished doing my Korean homework: workbook pages, studying Quizlet vocab sets, and studying the 10 grammar points that would be on the test the following day.

han river 5

By the time 11:30 pm rolled around, I was still not done. I hadn’t memorized my chapter 13 vocab words and I still wasn’t done with my last two workbook pages {which included writing… something that could take a while.} However, I decided that I really needed to sleep. I have to truly cherish and take in these nights that I have the opportunity to get 8 hours a night because when I have school, I can really only shoot for 6 hours. So I went to bed. Besides, there was always time before class tomorrow because of the fact that there was NO SCHOOL!

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