Winning Prizes, Cafe Studying, and Trying Homemade 고추장 {10/24/18} NSLI-Y AY

10/24/18 Wednesday

The day started out a bit better than yesterday as I managed to not forget my wallet at home. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again anytime soon {HAH get this… you’ll read about it in the next blog post!} Katie and I got to school and hung out near the water fountain until it was time to shuffle over to our homerooms. I expressed to her all my worries for the day since I would be having my first Economics class since midterms and I would have to deal with AP Statistics once again. {And she did the same with me.} I feel so blessed that Katie is with me at 하나고! I don’t know what I would do without her!

waffle 1

For the first period, I was incredibly happy to see that 세림 saved a seat next to her for me. I don’t know where I would be without her either. Although I worried about all the work I would have to do in that class, it ended up being okay since we watched a movie instead! Our teacher described it as being about Inflation and 세림 agreed that it was about Economics. I was prepared to watch some made-for-school educational show, but it turns out that we got to watch an American film instead: In Time. I recognized it right away; I’ve seen it a couple of times. Our teacher also passed out gummy bears which was super nice as well~

school 1

세림 asked me how installing the coding program on my computer went so I explained to her that Chromebooks SUCK and aren’t compatible with the software they are using. This is pretty bad for me because I am expected to do the homework… I’m going to try to come during lunch on Friday and do my assignment then. If I don’t finish it, I will see if I can stay a bit longer after school on Friday to complete it. {Not ideal but… whatever works}

I followed 세림 to the printers so she could make a copy during break time. 서린 saw me and ran up behind me to scare me. She then did the same thing to 세림 thinking it was Katie. It was very funny watching her embarrassed reaction. I couldn’t help but laugh. 세림 and I then tried finding the Stats teacher to tell him my situation but he was nowhere to be found… so we went back to class to finish watching the rest of the movie.

school 2

My next class was 한국사 (Korean History) which was honestly a mess! I understood nothing from the class. I think there was only one part I understood and that was about some Woman’s husband dying and her having nothing because he was the one that worked. My teacher is nice though and often comes over to talk to me during break times. He complimented me on my handwriting once again. I then tried to casually and quietly tell him that his handwriting is hard to read… but the rest of the class seemed to be paying attention to me as a lot of the boys screamed: “OOOOOHHHHH” {in the same manner as American high school boys before they say “roasted” or “savage”} as I critiqued the teacher’s handwriting. I definitely didn’t say it in a rude way. I was just telling him because I literally couldn’t take notes otherwise. When he started writing on the board again, he wrote mostly like he had before I told him anything until suddenly he remembered our conversation. He goes, “Oh, right. Emma!” And he erased what he had written and from then on, wrote extra slow, tracing parts of the words extra times, and fixing every little part of the words that didn’t look right. Everyone was laughing and I was too but more because I was embarrassed. Did he really think I needed it that slow? I know he was trying to accommodate for me but it was way too much. Everyone kept giggling and looking at me when he would be extra while writing something. Also, at the end of class, he started writing some Korean letters but in different styles and would point to them and tell me what each letter was. For example, he wrote a ㅁ {M} four times, slightly altered and told me that they were all ㅁ. I kept nodding and shaking my head while everyone else laughed. It was a nice gesture but I knew that already! This class is going to be so difficult because I’m not going to understand anything for quite a while…

Lunch was afterward and I ate with 도윤, 지연, 윤세, and Katie of course. Today at lunch was special because if you finished all your food, you would win a prize. For the lunch, we had 돈까스 (fried pork cutlet) with 고구마소스 (sweet potato sauce) as well as salad, 김치 (Kimchi), 밥 (rice), some type of soup, and this spicy tuna on a slice of tofu? We all failed at eating everything so 윤세 took one for the team {Bless the war hero that she is!} and let us put all our leftover food on her tray. She literally had 5 slabs of tofu and tuna on her tray. It was hilarious!

school 5

The prize for finishing all your food was a clipboard! There were two designs: Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Kermit the Frog. We were all happy to have gotten our prizes~

After lunch, I had Statistics which was pretty awkward and lonely because 세림 was not there! She had a competition for music {not exactly sure what it was exactly for} and had to miss the rest of the school day… that meant there was no one to talk to me during class or help me when my coding went wrong. Luckily, I am an independent woman and I was able to code quite a few problems and get them right {and find new formulas online}. If I’m being honest, I was pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment! But our teacher came to talk to me a couple times and it was a bit awkward. I survived, though.

school 6

The school day ends early on Wednesdays because 하나고 students have their club activities. Katie and I joined the cooking club, but there was a problem with us attending this Wednesday because we missed the lesson portion the students had the night before. So, Katie and I decided to head to the Twosome Place cafe right across the street from the school to chill, rant, talk and work on some homework. I drank this really delicious green tea bubble tea while working on my presentation that I would be giving the next day in Korean class. (The topic is an American folktale/fairy tale.) We had a very productive time at the Cafe~

While walking back to the bus station to go home, we found the cooking club outside eating some veggies and seafood (?) covered in 고추장. One of the students a part of the club was the class president of Katie’s homeroom, so he invited us to come in and enjoy a plate. All the teachers came to us and warned us that it would be super spicy so we should leave it if we could not eat it; however, it was really good–and not too spicy. Katie and I can handle our spice now. Korea truly does train you! We talked to the teachers for a bit and we got to talk to the Cooking Club teacher as well. Maybe now that we have met her, it will be easier for us to join their club meetings~ It was fun even though I knew no one that was there. More people to get close to right?

At home, I ate dinner with my entire host family. We had ramen and during dinner, I talked to my host mom about the coding fiasco I was experiencing, my plans for the weekend (cultural activity, 인천 trip) as well as the possible homeroom meeting I would be attending this Friday. I talked to her for a bit too long so I had less time to work on my project/do homework than usual. (Luckily, I did my workbook earlier than normal so that was out of the way and being graded by the teacher already.) The rest of the night was spent writing my presentation script, making my powerpoint, and attempting memorize the story I chose.

And that is that~ Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

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