Art Class in Korea, Presentations, and Picnic Dinner {10/25/18} NSLI-Y AY

10/25/18 Thursday

If you remember my last blog post {which you probably won’t because who knows when this will be uploaded and there’s no need to pay this much attention to what I write… but if you do}, then you might remember me saying a knock-on-wood type statement when stating I hope I don’t forget my wallet anytime soon… well, I did! The following day… so my luck is pretty perfect!

So Thursday morning didn’t start off too great… but I didn’t let that stop me! I let World History do that. Just kidding just kidding… but not really. Sitting in a class for two hours not understanding one word coming from the teacher’s mouth is so frustrating. Also, there was no free seat next to the girl I usually sit with and so I sat by myself in front of the class for a hot second before 동철 saved me. Bless that kid as he told me to move and sit next to him. During class, I tried to concentrate and focus as much as I could but I was still left sitting there feeling bad. So during the first half of class, I tried taking notes based on what our teacher said but my paper was mostly blank—his handwriting is also super hard to read so who even knows if what I write down makes sense. The second half of class I just wrote down my entire Korean class presentation on paper to test my memorization skills while the teacher went over the students’ midterm.

Once world history was over, I had art which once again, I was not looking forward to. I never took an art class at my American high school because I kind of grew out of seeing art as fun, and I’m such a perfectionist that it really bugs me when I don’t think what I make looks good. In this class, I was with a group of girls and we had to work on this project that we would be presenting next week on Thursday. We were given this French painter who painted in Rococo Style whose name escapes me… The girls did Rock Paper Scissors to decide who would be the one was in charge of making the power point and the others {including me} would be chosen to draw. So I ended up drawing a wishing well and some trees. I’m definitely not an artist. {I told my art teacher that I didn’t take Art in America and that I really don’t have an interest in it and after that, she kept complimenting my drawing—she probably wanted to make me like art.}

another school day 1

This was drawn by me, not an 8-year old. Also, this looks NOTHING  like Rococo style so major fail?!?!

After class ended, I rushed to find Katie for lunch and we ate alone but we were really content since the food was so delicious. It was birthday day at school {the meal that celebrates all the birthdays in October} so we had LA갈비 (special ribs), 잡채 (sweet potato noodles), 미역국 (seaweed soup), and 케이크 (cake)! It was so delicious and filling!

another school day

Translation: It is Birthday day. Happy birthday to the students with October birthdays.

another school day 2

맛있는 점심~~~

Korean Class went really well I think~ We had our presentations and I was honestly really proud of how mine turned out~ I don’t think the teacher had too much to fix which made me feel good. The grammar points we learned in class were also not that difficult. We actually “learned” 반말 or informal speech in Korean. I’m surprised that it’s this far in the textbook series. Although even though the book didn’t introduce it till now, I doubt anyone has studied this far and not learned it. When I was in Korea for the summer, I had no idea how to speak informally for the most part. I learned by texting informally with my supporter and NSLI-Y friends after the program had ended. I definitely couldn’t imagine coming to year and not using informal language {Though I do mess up with informal language all the time to my high school friends or my host siblings.}

After class, I ended up going home with Katie. We planned to at first study at a cafe but since it was already so late, we decided to just eat dinner together. That dinner consisted of 편의점 food! The best of course! (Is this a joke? The world may never know!) We ate under this bridge in a park near her host family’s home. I ate this 김밥 with butter in the name thinking that it was weird they chose that word but I didn’t think there would be actual butter but a flavoring?! Boy, was I wrong… the rice had a huge pocket of literally just butter right in the middle. It was disgusting. Good thing we had 호떡 to wash away the foul taste.

When I got home I was burnt out by Korean class and how tired I was. I made a Quizlet for the words I studied in class and then just lazily hung out in the living room with my host siblings until I could no longer keep my eyes open anymore. I ended up falling asleep early which was nice. 

Sorry for the kind of short blog post? With nothing really interesting going on? Oh well, I mentioned that a routine would kick in eventually and school is not that fun–in any country! Thanks for reading! Till next time~

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