Just Another Couple Days at School {10/29-10/30} NSLI-Y Korean AY

10/29/18 Monday

One bad thing about being behind on writing blog posts {I am currently 5 days behind… due to all the studying I’ve been doing for our unit test} is that I forget what I did on those days. I don’t take too many pictures every day—especially at school–to jog my memory… so there are little things that happen that I can’t remember too well because I didn’t write them down when they were fresh in my head. These small things may be a conversation or something nice someone did for me, which may seem trivial to some people, but those little things are important to me too. I realize I write a lot in each blog post—much more than anyone would think to write. It does take a lot of time out of my day but I know I will appreciate these posts and even now when I go back to edit them before I post, I smile when I remember things that I had forgotten temporarily. Okay, that’s my little rant on why small moments matter. Onto the blog post!

Monday is honestly quite a blur to me. I remember waking up and feeling really tired because of yesterday’s shenanigans in 인천. In English Literature, we discussed chapter 5 of Exit West in small groups. My group wasn’t completely talkative but we did get through a good number of questions. The book is getting quite interesting and I would love to be able to read it if I could receive my copy already!!

AP Statistics was as bad as I figured it would be; therefore, I wanted to run and escape the entire time. My teacher and my friend 세림 asked me if I had finished the homework from the last week and of course, I hadn’t. I had really tried but I didn’t know what formulas to use and finding them online was practically impossible; I gave up after multiple attempts. My teacher told 세림 to help me out and explain it to me. This meant that instead of her doing her own work, she was helping me figure out what I did wrong. I felt so bad and helpless as I was clueless. I felt like I was being a huge burden to my only friend in the room. It was a miserable period.

sch 7.jpg

What did I do to deserve 세림 as a friend?? She wrote out important vocab words in stats for me with their Korean equivalent! I love her!

As soon as it was over I found Katie and immediately wanted to cry. I know I can’t live up to the teacher’s expectations and the class was giving me more stress than it should. I mean I’m here to study Korean, not LeArN hOw To cOdE!! Katie also had a very difficult day in her math and art class so the moment I met up with her she asked if we could just leave—skip lunch at 하나고 and head straight to 홍대 for Korean class. And… that’s what we did!

sch 8

Katie and me being depressedddd in the subway…

We got to 홍대 about 15 minutes earlier than usual. We grabbed some food from the convenience store and ate at the youth center. It was nice because we got to be in a comfortable environment with our friends to relax and de-stress before an equally {?} stressful Korean class.

Can’t really remember what we did in Korean class. I know we learned the last two grammar points in the book which were easy for me! (Yay!) I think we also discussed what our test would be on and what we what wanted for the next textbook but nothing was really confirmed. After class, I walked around 홍대 with Katie for a bit. We wanted to buy waffles but there were no seats inside 와플 대학 and we were not about to eat gelato-filled waffles out in the cold. We kept walking around until we found this small cafe with this cheap Oreo Cheese Cake type thing. I didn’t get a picture of it because Katie and scarfed it down pretty quickly. We were not there to savor the flavor but to rant and enjoy stuffing our faces with a decent dessert.

sch 1

I came home and hung out with my host family for a bit after dinner before going back to my room to begin studying for our “final” exam on Thursday… And that was that.

10/30/18 Tuesday

I was feeling more optimistic about school this day {In part because it was a half day due to Korean classes and the other part due to my classes not requiring that much effort from me because my teachers know I can’t understand anything.}

In the morning, I walked around the outdoor field with Katie as we hadn’t had the chance to do so yet {We also couldn’t take gym this semester.} During my World History class, we all got to have an ice cream party! Our teacher accidentally flashed the student’s midterm grades up on the projector twice so he promised to buy everyone ice cream to make up for it. Though his actions didn’t harm me in any way, I still got to benefit from the free Hershey’s Chocolate Ice Cream! It was a delicious snack to add to the history lecture on Napoleon. (Wow, would it not have been ten times more fitting if we had Napoleon ice cream! haha)

Lunch at 하나고 was strangely gross and so Katie and I quickly tried to cover up how much we didn’t want to eat the food. {We felt bad for wasting so much food but mystery meat? No thank you…} We have come to the conclusion that the meat patty they serve sometimes is supposed to be their version of foreign food– a hamburger if you will.

sch 6

Weird patty, weird potato balls, and weird sweet pasta and soup to top it all off.


sch 9

During Korean class, we had a little snack party. Josh brought candy corn, so our teacher tried that for the first time. This whole time, I’ve been saying that it’s gross while Jacquelyn and Josh have been hyping it up to no end. When our teacher tried it, the noise she made, which was a mix between surprise and dislike, was hilarious. I got it on video so I’ll always remember !! We also went to the convenience store during break time and bought Honey Butter Chips and these corn funnel chips to enjoy while we discussed the test for the following class. Our test would be in three parts: reading {passages with multiple choice questions}, writing {two short answers and a couple fill-in the blank questions} and speaking {OPI Type Interview}.

sch 11

우리 사랑하는 한국어 선생님 ❤

After I got home from class, I struggled over coding homework from AP Statistics. I spent almost two hours trying to figure out only 4 problems!! It was stressful and frustrating as I could have spent that time studying Korean. The night was pretty mundane to be honest: just dinner, some chatting, and lots of homework.

sch 10

Frustrated and stressed selfie of myself taken at around midnight

That’s all for this blog post~ I hope you enjoyed this rather boring post? Not all days can be interesting… and that’s alright! See ya next time!

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