Halloween in South Korea {October 31st, 2018} NSLI-Y Korea AY

10/31/18 Wednesday

Halloween isn’t that big of a holiday (in comparison to others); however, I knew I was going to miss it all the same. My mom always decorates the house all spooky {I am not kidding! She goes all out} and I love being surrounded by that kind of atmosphere. I knew it wasn’t going to be the same in Korea this year. Halloween is not a thing here— just a gimmick that can make more profit as people sell themed decorations, products, etc. The day after Halloween was also our big unit test so there wasn’t even time to just relax and eat overpriced American candy.

halloween 4

Bad quality photo but Photo Zone Sign!

At school, I was shocked to see black and orange balloons spelling out Happy Halloween in front of the cafeteria and a long photo background hanging on the wall. Teachers were giving out balloons, tattoos, and candy while students dressed up in props and took photos at the photo zone. I was so happy to see all of that because honestly, it was more than my school ever prepared. I was happy to be able to experience some part of Halloween— and with my 하나고 friends too!

halloween 17

School lunch today!~

After we ate, I got to take some photos with Katie, 도윤, 윤세, and 지연. We all got our own silly Halloween themed Kakao tattoos on the back of our hands and some balloons. The teachers took lots of pictures of us and I’m scared knowing that those pictures will definitely end up somewhere…

halloween 11

School ended earlier than usual because it was also 한나고’s 개교기념일 (Anniversary of the creation of the school! 새림 taught me this word~). They were having an event at the end of the day in the Art Center {which I have yet to visit} but Katie and I figured that we didn’t really need to be there so we went over to the Twosome Place Cafe across the street to study for a bit and enjoy Halloween together.

halloween 10

I ate dinner with my host family and I told them that I really wanted to watch a Halloween movie with them. I couldn’t find HalloweenTown {a MUST see} on Netflix but I was able to find it online streaming {How did I find it using Korea’s internet? I don’t know!} My host mom worried about me not having enough time to study but I assured her that I wanted to do this!

halloween 13

HalloweenTown on my Laptop!

So my youngest host sister made these fake movie tickets and we planned to watch it in my room at 8 pm on my laptop. We stuffed our faces with candy and enjoyed the movie. I think my siblings really liked it. They hadn’t seen it before. I was happy to have seen it this year and that I had the chance to share it with them. It made me feel a little less sad about not being able to have a Halloween movie marathon with my mom or spend the night watching something scary with my friends.

halloween 14

The rest of the night was spent with me studying hardcore for my test. I went over every single grammar point in my book and made at least two new sentences using the point to make sure that I remembered how to use it {not that I just understood the meaning behind the point}. I also went over 4 Quizlets and studied the words in my textbook that I was still iffy on. I definitely wanted to do more {like practice OPI type questions and read the textbook passages again} but it got really late and I very much did need the sleep. I also had to write a presentation for art class… so that took some time out of my night too…

But that was my Halloween~ It wasn’t spookily good but it was just chilling enough~ {Pun lovers here?} I would normally add another day to this post since it’s on the shorter side but I figured Halloween Day should have its own post right? I hope everyone had a great Halloween or just a good October 31st~

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