Birthday Dinner, Peach Cake, and Spilling Icecream? {11/01/18} NSLI-Y AY

11/01/18 Thursday

The school day was as exhausting and draining as usual. In World History, I had a good time talking to 지은 and she even gave a Snoopy sticker {that is now on my phone case}. Her friend 원준 also came up to talk to me for the first time ever! He asked me about Netflix. He wanted to know if I had any good recommendations for him but honestly, I haven’t been on it in so long and my favorite show (which I was watching before I came to Korea…and have yet to finish it) is not on Korean Netflix {RIP The Fosters}. I told him I’d get back to him. Later, he came up to me again and asked me about 13 Reasons Why. I tried having a conversation about it with him but I saw it so long ago {and during such a short period of time} I forgot a lot! But it was nice connecting with him on something. After our break time, I told him to watch Riverdale~ I hope he likes the recommendation!

Art class was better then I expected but still not the best… I had to present, in front of the whole class, it was quite embarrassing. My group had practiced without me and they introduced me as an American artist and I had to answer on the spot questions and explain my painting in KOREAN!!!!! It was very frightening and overwhelming but I did it and hopefully didn’t sound too much like a fool? I got some applause so maybe they had some pity for me.

Thursday was our big unit test. Our test was split into three parts: reading, speaking, and writing. The reading test was made up of multiple choice questions based on passages in our book {that we already should have read in class}. The writing test included these fill in the blank grammar questions and two writing prompts. One was a full-fledged essay while the other one was in the style of an email to a friend. The speaking test was in the style of an OPI; however, my teacher made me speak in formal conjugation which I’m gonna be honest; I’m no good at. I never officially learned it {skipped the very basic beginner level during my Korean summer program so I’m lacking in many things…}, so I kept switching back and forth between using it and not. I was able to understand every question she asked me {except I did ask her to repeat herself once during my role play} which made me proud but my answers were another story… I tried explaining to her what I did on speech team in high school because I wanted to tell her about my last birthday. How does one explain impromptu speaking and the differences between limited prep events and normal events? Don’t ask me. Haven’t gotten there yet. I also had to talk about actors and describe the movie plot of World War Z! What a mess. My roleplay was that I got hurt while riding my bike along the Han River and that I was on a call with an emergency number operator. It wasn’t that bad? I told my teacher that I fell off my bike and hurt my knee; there was no blood, but my knee was “growing bigger.” {Explain to me why I even try making sense in Korean? I need to learn the word for to swell…}

At the end of my OPI, my teacher told me that between Josh, Jacquelyn, and I, she said that I speak the most like a foreigner. This being something I already knew, but it still kind of stung hearing it from her. I know I’m the worst in the class… I think it’s pretty evident. Do I need a constant reminder? Probably. Not?

After class, I was supposed to go out for dinner with my host family {for my birthday} but I promised I’d do something with Kaitlyn, so I first went to get waffles with her, Alix, and Shannon. We went to a place where you have to order on machines which proved to be difficult for the others girls {for me too the first time}, so I had to show them a quick tutorial if you will. While we were ordering, one of the employees knocks down the display of fake ice cream scoops in real cones that were next to the self-checkout machines. All of the cones fell to the floor and started breaking everywhere. They also kind of fell slowly? Like it wasn’t all of the 20 cones falling at the same time. Instead, a couple cones fell onto the floor at a time—increasing my laughter with each cone on the floor (Do not worry, I hid my laughter in order to not embarrass the employee.) I got strawberry, Nutella, and whipped cream waffle which was pretty delicious.

bday dinner 5

I got home to my host family a little after 7 pm, and we left for our dinner reservations a bit after 7:30. We were eating at a restaurant that is famous for their grilled meat. The restaurant is named after a traditional Korean dance done during 추석 where women hold hands and dance around in a circle: 강강술래 {Ganggangsullae}.

bday dinner 12

Dinner was delicious! We had grilled meat and an assortment of side dishes that included different types of 김치, onions, and 잡채. Eating together was really nice and we got to talk about our days to each other. After dinner, we went outside the restaurant to see outdoor seating in front of live music. In the back, there were swings and other structures for kids to play on. We hung out there and goofed around for a bit until it got too cold.

When we got home, I was surprised to see the Happy Birthday banners up in the living room and lots of balloons everywhere. We broke out the cake and sang happy birthday to me. We had this really delicious peach cream vanilla cake~ My host siblings also all gave me presents which was so sweet!!! I felt so appreciative in that moment~ My host sisters themed their gifts after Winnie the Pooh since they knew liked him after watching the Christopher Robin movie together. To be honest, I never really really liked Winnie the Pooh back in the states. I just really enjoyed the message in the movie and I latched on to it because it was so familiar to me~ I really loved the gifts, though. From my eldest host sister I received a Winnie the Pooh pencil case and mechanical pencil while my younger sister gave me a Winnie the Pooh multi-colored light up pen and a mirror. My host brother gave me light stick bracelets. I was so happy opening them~ I will always treasure them!

After we sang happy birthday and dug into the cake, I went back to my room to finish up the studying I had left to do. I took a shower and went to bed early that night. It was a well-spent day indeed.

That’s all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed~ Thank you for reading!

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