Japanese Ramen Dinner with Fellow NSLI-Y Students {11/08/18} NSLIY Korean AY

11/08/18 Thursday

Thursday at school was just a normal day; nothing really special happened. World History was four sheets of notes {which was a lot! I really hate sitting through lectures with no discussions or interactions…} and I tried to pay attention the whole time but it’s so difficult when you can’t understand! So every once and awhile I worked on my Korean homework or added things to my planner. Art was my second period and we started a project involving making a book. We could do whatever we wanted but we had to add a 3D element to it with other materials. I decided to draw out the folktale/fairytale I used in my last presentation for Korean class and spent the whole class sketching everything out.

For lunch, Katie and I finally decided to eat with the foreign teachers: Corey, Jason, and Andrew. Corey is from Chicago and has wanted to talk to us about that commonality because some students told him we were from there? Though fortunately, he was not disappointed when he found out that we were actually not from Chicago but the suburbs instead. And the lunch was a lot of fun! At first it was kind of uncomfortable and awkward but I really enjoyed being able to talk to them and we joked about life in Korea a lot! Corey and Jason were hilarious. I could listen to their stories all day. They invited us to eat lunch with them again so hopefully, we can do it more often~ Maybe Once a month?


Korean class today was not too bad~ I wasn’t lost very often and I felt that I was understanding more of the vocab words than normal! We had to give presentations on the individuals we interviewed and I memorized mine {like usual} but I know I shouldn’t so I will try to not do that… completely {or put all of my script on powerpoint slides}. My teacher didn’t fix that many things on my powerpoint slides which made me feel good.

During the third break, I talked with my teacher about my OPI. She told me what I expected to hear: I still struggle with basic grammar and topics and I am really bad at using the formal tense ~습니다 I am aware of this is my problem… mostly due to me never being placed in the right class for me {*cough cough* at my NSLI-Y Summer Class and the current one *cough cough*} I will say that I am catching up and do not regret being in this advanced class now but I’ve also had to do a lot of things outside of class to feel this way.

My teacher also told me that I need to participate in class more {I have trouble talking in class…besides for when she asks me specifically} and instead of staring at the board in confusion and not asking for help, I need to tell her when I don’t understand something. I have gotten better at that in comparison to the beginning but I still don’t do it enough {call it a pride thing if you will? Or an independence thing…} And I will try harder! This unit test was definitely the motivation I needed to get back on that study grind!

After Korean class, I went to get real Japanese 라면 with Josh, Jacquelyn, and Liam. And dinner was a trip I’ll tell you that. First, it was raining—like a lot. I packed an umbrella but it was broken so I had to share with Josh {I am not ungrateful! Thank you! But ya know, not an ideal situation} so let’s just say not getting soaked was not an option. Secondly, no one knew exactly where we were going and the first shop we tried to visit ended up being closed aka more time for us to be out in the rain cold and hungry.


Eventually, we got to a restaurant and were able to put down our wet backpacks and umbrellas to finally eat some warm noodles. We ordered with a machine and then sat down and talked until our food arrived. I’ve probably only had “fancy” Japanese ramen once or twice in my entire life, so this bowl was highly anticipated and it DID live up to expectations. The noodles were so delicious and the right texture while the broth was heavenly. You could have given me a bowl of just the broth and I would have been content. Too delicious for words to be honest. The high-quality dinner also matched perfectly with the jokes and stories shared with the others. They are the ones that made it a night to remember.


I had to walk home from the subway to my host family’s home with no umbrella and the hood of a jacket can only do so much… I came home drenched. I explained to my host mom about my umbrella situation and she was like “Why didn’t you tell anyone? We could have brought you one at the station.” Honestly, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I figured it was something I had to deal with alone. She told me to take a hot shower and so I did. When I finished up and was about to start on my homework, she brought out some fruit tea and a slice of my birthday cake. It was a very sweet gesture and I appreciated her caring for me~


That’s all for this blog post~ I hope you enjoyed! Till next time… goodbye

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