No School // Productive Friday (11/16/18) NSLI-Y Korea AY

A/N: Mismatched blog post! This post includes Wednesday (11/14/18) and Friday (11/16/19) but Thursday is its own separate post that is already published here!

11/14/18 Wednesday

Katie and I had been looking forward to Wednesday all week because we knew we were getting out early due to 수능 {Korea’s College Entrance Exam} being the following day. I woke up Wednesday morning really not feeling well at all. My nose was stuffed and my throat was scratchy, and I was not in the mood to be participating in life at that moment {Mom, I’m fine. I’m just being an OVERDRAMATIC teen}.

First period was economics and I accidentally {well purposefully… I didn’t think it would have this effect on me} took NyQuil {I didn’t bring DayQuil with me to Korea…} so I struggled with staying awake during the first period of economics… I hope it wasn’t too obvious. During the second period, the teacher put on this documentary about capitalism {all in Korean} so I put my head on my desk and literally fell fully asleep for probably half an hour… it was great. I think I drooled and everything {TMI…} Though, at one point I woke up and realized that there were these white guys in suits on the screen rapping about capitalism and the economy in terrible Korean. It was hilarious!!!


Show Me the Money is a famous rap contest show here in Korea

Second period was 한국사 (Korean history) and although I usually do my Thursday homework in that class, all the students were able to convince the teacher to go outside and have 야외수업 {outside class}. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t know who to hang out with but I found a girl from my homeroom and luckily she didn’t find me too burdensome and let me hang out with her and her friend. We mostly talked the whole time. We walked over to the gym teacher that was currently having a class and talked with her for a bit, too. She was really nice and asked me lots of questions. She was patient with me and never spoke in English which was greatly appreciated. I was able to explain with details while using all these grammar points!!! I felt so proud of myself!



After the first period of 한국사, the first and second years were having a meeting of sorts so Katie and I found a little empty corner of the hallway and studied a bit before lunch. We ate lunch with our friends 서린, 지연, and 도윤 and had fun telling them all the gossip about the kids they would be meeting the next day. 도윤 had also caught a cold and looked terrible at lunch! I felt so bad but secretly I was a bit greedy because I was more upset that there might have been a possibility that she wasn’t coming to the Thanksgiving Dinner with me. {I am not sure if I have mentioned this yet? In order to celebrate Thanksgiving {early} we were having a lovely dinner of Thanksgiving food: turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing, cranberry sauce, the works! We were allowed to each invite one friend from our high school.} She had been so excited though… she even bought a new dress online for the dinner!

Once we said goodbye to our friends after lunch, Katie and I went to go study at our new favorite cafe near my host family’s apartment. It was our first time there wearing uniforms so it was a bit strange… but to our surprise, there was another foreigner there!



We studied there for a few hours before leaving to eat dinner with our families. While I was eating dinner with them, I answered a question posed by my host sister and I guess my host mom noticed my rather raspy voice. She asked “Emma, did you catch a cold?” quite worriedly. She immediately gave me more 김밥 on my plate, made me some honey tea, and gave me a little bowl of pomegranate seeds. Right before I left the dinner table to finish my presentation and memorize it, she thrusted two tangerines into my hands and told me to eat them in my room. I was so grateful that she had such concern for me regarding my health. I think she knew it was serious because as soon as I came home, she found my door closed and I was laying in bed {something I never do}. I am never in my bed if I am not sleeping. I took a nap for about 1.5 hours before dinner.

11/16/18 Friday

I woke up today at 7 am to see if my coordinating teacher had texted me back letting me know that I was expected to attend school activities that day. Luckily, there was no text. I stayed up for the next 15 minutes in case of a reply but nothing came. I went back to bed and did not get up, for real, until a little after 9:30 am. It was so nice to sleep in again~ It was honestly like our Thanksgiving break?!?! If you think about it… we had early release on Wednesday, and we had no school on Thursday or today! Glad to have been given this break~ It was really needed!!

In the morning, I just cleaned my room and started packing for our monthly excursion– a 1박2일 여행 (One night 2-day trip) to 안동. I also did some laundry! I was able to get caught up with all of that and wash both sets of my school uniforms~ Go me! it was definitely a productive morning/early afternoon. While waiting for my laundry to finish up, I also video-called my mom for around 15 minutes. She had been sending me a lot of messages over Kakao during the past few days but I really could not find the chance to answer them all. I would look at them and plan out my responses but I always waited, hoping for a better time. She got really worried and sent me this emoticon of a very sad puppy crying, and I felt so bad for leaving her out of the loop.

At 2 pm, I arrived at 공덕역 to meet Katie for some cafe studying. We walked for a bit and found a cafe called Cafe Bene. I ordered a hot green latte while Katie got some kiwi juice. We were there for about 3 hours working on Korean homework and random things on our computers. I worked on blog posts, reviewed my new grammar points, and just goofed around Insta for awhile.

I came home early to have dinner with my host family and spent the rest of the night doing all of my homework that would be due on Monday. I knew that I would not be able to do anything (especially have enough room in my backpack to bring any textbooks) while on our trip, so I stayed up past midnight working on everything. Fortunately, I was able to complete writing, study all the grammar learned this week, and make a Quizlet for chapter 3 vocab words.

That is all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed!~ Yesterday was my first day back at Korean high school! It is a new semester (and technically the start of their school year) so basically, now I have finally had my last first day of high school. Things are going to get more hectic from now on but I will try my best to keep up (somewhat…) with these blogs! Till next time~

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