School, Korean Classes… Repeat? {11/19-11/20/18} NSLI-Y AY

11/19/18  Monday

I took barely any photos these two days; therefore, I can’t remember much of what I did looking back. School was okay. I was able to survive another period of AP Statistics {the only period I would have this week because our Wednesday class schedule was being moved to Tuesday… And because we leave school early for Korean classes on Tuesdays… No Statistics for me!} English was spent reading an excerpt once again, nothing too noteworthy to be honest.


Katie and I ate lunch by ourselves {cue the sound of a sad violin playing} but it was fine because lunch was delicious and we had some fun conversations~ I can’t really remember Korean class… so then it must have been okay then? I think I goofed around with Josh and 민정쌤 during every single break which was definitely time well spent between Korean class periods.

Monday after Korean class was our bi-weekly meeting~ Jacquelyn, Josh, and I made our way over to CYC once class finished up. We received a lot of information about things to turn in or think about or prepare. We have our last excursion reflection due, a presentation to make when we meet Korean high schoolers for another 한미 camp of sorts next month, and a Christmas party to start planning for! We are having an overnight Christmas party at a hostel from December 24th to 25th~ Unfortunately, the majority of NSLI-Yians have school on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas; however, Katie and I do not! All the other schools are taking finals in the middle of December for a week and then have school until the 30th or 31st {with Christmas off}. At 하나고, finals week is the week before Christmas and they get the rest of the month off which means Katie and I get such a nice break!!! I’m so happy!!! I’m counting down the days! 3 weeks to go!


I came home from Korean class after the meeting and worked on homework for basically the entirety of the night. I ate dinner with my host family and hung out for a bit, but I did spend most of the night in my room studying.

11/20/18  Tuesday

Tuesday wasn’t too eventful~ It was a good day but like I said before, nothing too special. It was, however, a perfect day for showcasing my daily routine in Korea {or “normal days” should I say}. I’m sorry for uploading such a boring blog— feel free to skip ahead.


The school schedule for today was special as we were having our Wednesday classes instead which meant I had 경제학 (Economics) and 한국사 (Korean History). In economics, we did actual learning during the first period but the second period was spent simply watching a documentary {which I actually thoroughly enjoyed}. I did pay attention to a good amount of it… when I was not working on Korean homework. 한국사 was nice because it’s the one class I know I can do work in~ Two hours of focused study time is actually what I needed to get my huge plate of work done for Thursday’s class. I was so productive that I almost finished two whole chapters of my workbook! After the first break, the teacher noticed that I was using Naver to translate some words on my page {okay let’s be honest, I knew practically none of the vocabulary words in the fill-in-the-blank section!} He told me that when I needed help I could and should ask the people sitting next to me~ It was really sweet of him. But…. I wasn’t going to have my clubmate {is that a word? How does one refer to someone who is in the same club as you? EDIT: Wow, I re-read this to edit it and I can’t believe how stupid I was being… club member. Emma, that is the word you were looking for.} translate things to me. The thought was appreciated, though!


Our school is putting on some type of event? Like a play perhaps?

Katie and I ate lunch with our friends today {which we usually never do due to Korean class} but we had lots of questions about the event tomorrow that needed to be answered. While eating, Katie and I really lost track of time talking to everyone about tomorrow’s plans and chatting to 도윤 about slang and the NSLI-Y guys?!? Don’t ask! At one point, Katie checked her phone and it was 12:55! We’ve never left that late before, so we both freaked out— I almost swore. We quickly threw away our leftovers and returned our dishes and literally RAN to the bus stop. We were not going to miss the bus this time.

Even though our actions deserved some amount of freakout, we actually end up not getting there too late. I walked with a purpose from the subway exit to BetterWorld and only ran for a short distance at the end, and I only ended up being exactly one minute late! {If I had run more, I definitely could have been on time.}

Class was fine~ I honestly don’t remember too much. I didn’t really understand one of the grammar points in class very well but I was able to fake it till I went home and got the chance to look it up. We had some fun conversations and I felt like I performed pretty well {I could always participate more, though…} After class, I went home right away. I didn’t study too much as I was really tired and wanted to go to sleep early… but I did do the rest of my workbook to get it out of the way. I ate with my host family and spent a lot of time talking with my host mom after dinner. I helped my eldest host sister with her English work for a bit while enjoying some Honey tea and snacks my host mother prepared. It was a nice night~  {It was even better because I knew I could sleep in the next day!}

That’s all for this blog post~ I hope you enjoyed! Follow my blog for more content like this. I’m so behind on uploading these posts… so there’s plenty more where this came from~

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