ZooLung: Fish Eat Dead Skin off My Hands?!? {11/25-26/18} NSLI-Y AY

11/25/18 Sunday

I really do enjoy Sundays. It is so nice to just have a day to lounge around at home: chilling or doing work that needs to be done in preparation for the week to come. It’s a well-deserved break from a hectic life.

This morning was no exception. I spent the morning hanging out in my room doing homework and then playing with my host sisters. They recently took out {or bought?} this clay set so we have had fun playing around with the clay in the living room. I got a lot of work done and was feeling very productive to start the week.

After we had dinner, we all drove for a bit to go to what I can only describe as a Zoo Park? But even then… that sounds wrong… the place was called ZooLung {in Korean 주렁주렁} which honestly is a weird name? I still don’t know why it’s called that? This place is basically like a more interactive zoo!

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There were lots of animals behind cases and in cages but there were parts that would allow the guests to be hands on. For example, we got to pet rabbits and some lizards, feed a hawk type bird, give treats to these small baby birds, and the best part… have fish eat the dead skin off of our hands!! In the underwater section of the place, they had a tank of 닥터피쉬 {닥달이}. These fish are famous for {usually} sucking off the dead skin off of your feet. It was such an interesting feeling. When I first put my hand in the water, I couldn’t help but laugh since I’m so ticklish. Also, so many more fish came to me than any other person so I guess I have gross dead hands? My host sisters were making fun of me, so I joked back and told them if they keep eating like this, my hand will disappear.

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It was a really fun afternoon; we spent a good amount of hours there. We also stopped by a TOYsRUs since Christmas is coming up soon. I was outright shook seeing one of those stores since they all closed in America. I told my host dad this and he explained why this one exists but, to be honest, I didn’t understand…

The rest of the night was pretty chill. I was able to relax a lot because I got most of my work done that morning. I focused on studying vocab because our monthly unit test is on Thursday… I really want to utilize more elevated vocabulary in both my writing and my speaking test.

11/26/18 Monday

Monday was another basic day of school except… I had another GREAT morning commuting to school (If you could not already tell, I am being very sarcastic.) When I went out on Saturday night with some of the others from the NSLI-Y squad (I apologize for using that word un-ironically), I used my last 5 dollars (in cash) on dessert because Josh and Liam told me to. They said I should just use it instead of my card because we would be receiving our stipend on Monday. And, I listened to them– my first mistake.

On Monday morning, I got to the subway station kind of earlier than normal which actually was a blessing in disguise! When I tried going through the turnstile, the machines beeped at me because I had insufficient funds on my card. I only had 50 cents on it! I went to refill and realized I had no cash on me! I definitely could not go back home… what would I do? Wake my host mom up and ask for cash? That was not the move. The bank across the street from the subway station does not accept foreign card at the ATMS (already tried the week before). I was literally about to cry in the middle of the subway station until I realized that I was wearing my school uniform; therefore, I had emergency blazer money! For a couple of weeks, I have kept 5 dollars in the inside pocket of my blazer in case of an emergency (I was thinking it would be more for an “I am hungry at school and want to get a snack from the 매점 (school store) but forgot my wallet in the classroom” moment but this worked too). I whipped out that money so fast to charge my card and went on my way to just make the subway.

School was pretty good. In English, we started talking about the Civil Rights Movement in America and in particular, talked a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. Before we did anything academic in class, Andrew (our 영미문학–American & British Literature–teacher) asked about the students’ weekends because they got to go home the prior weekend. One of the students (I think her English name is Diane) said that she went to an aquarium and it reminded her of her youth. Andrew then quickly adds to her sentence (in truly dad joke fashion) “When you were a fish?” Everyone in the class erupted in laughter for a solid few minutes. Andrew kept apologizing for making such a bad joke which it was… but it was so terrible that it was hilarious!

My AP Statistics class was as usual… I only really enjoyed talking to 세림. She makes me not 100% dread that class. When lunchtime rolled around, Katie and I left the school right away to get lunch near the youth center at a 편의점. We chilled outside while eating our 김밥 and fruity drinks.

Korean class was pretty good today (compared to last class when I literally left the building and cried in public… it can only get better?) We took a quiz and I, unfortunately, got more wrong than I wanted to… for one of the questions I got wrong, it was because I used the wrong verb. I knew I could have answered the question with a simpler verb like “to be fast” or something of that nature but I wanted to really challenge myself so I put “to be on schedule exactly” which I conjugated a bit wrong. The other question I got wrong was because I really had no idea what it was asking, so I expected that to be a point off. The grammar points we learned in class were a bit tricky at first, but I caught on after several example sentences. I was actually really happy because I felt that one of them was very useful and that I would be applying that to conversations a lot soon (and hopefully naturally).

After class, I waited for some of the other students at Better World because they were coming to pick up their stipends. Our RD also prepared little gifts bags for us to prevent us from catching colds during the winter. These bags included vitamin c tablets, fuzzy socks, a mask, and hot packs. It was honestly very adorable. I walked back to the station with Shannon and Katie to go home early for dinner.

When I got home, my host mom gave me this strange look bread type thing? She told me that it was homemade by her mother perhaps? I ended up eating the whole thing as it was pretty good. I am not 100% sure what it was but I have concluded that it is some type of 떡 with red bean and peas in it.

I ate dinner with the rest of the family after my host sisters were done with their Chinese lessons. I talked to them all about my Christmas. My host dad asked me if I kept getting presents even in high school {and if that’s normal} and when I told him yes, he immediately shushed me! Oops.. my sisters started screaming and I’m sorry that I may have just started something…

I spent the rest of Monday studying lots and lots of vocabulary, finishing up my workbook and a writing assignment due the next day.

That’s all for this blog post~ I hope you enjoyed!

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