Monthly Test, Waffles, & Dinner Out in 홍대 {11/29-11/30/18} NSLI-Y AY

11/29/18 Thursday

Today was the day… monthly test day. I spent the morning feeling like a giant bundle of nerves while I got dressed and had breakfast. As I rode the train to school, I studied vocab words. Katie and I tried to destress on the bus… but this lasted only a couple minutes before we both took out our phones and started studying vocab again.


Thursday at school was pretty uneventful. I spent World History half participating and the other half going over both new and old grammar. In art class, I got some time to just let my mind wander as I tried completing this book… I ended up not finishing… and I’m not sure if I need to for class next week.

Katie and I left school right at the lunch bell so that we could make it to 홍대 early and have enough time to study a bit more before the test. We grabbed lunch at a 편의점 too. I got nervous about the test as soon as I arrived at the youth center, so I ate my lunch and tried to calm my nerves by talking with some of the others rather than cram.

Our test was split into three parts again: 읽기, 쓰기, and 말하기. The reading portion was pretty familiar seeing that many of the passages were straight from our textbook (and workbook), or at least had major elements. During the writing section, we took our OPI and I ended up going second this time.

My OPI was not the best… I will be honest. I feel like she didn’t ask me the most difficult questions and when I answered two of them, I kind of missed the point of what she wanted me to talk about because I was too busy trying to think of how to answer it using the most grammar points and elevated vocab as possible. Although that’s the case, I kind of feel that it went better than the last one? Even though this one was 15 min shorter. The writing was similar to the last test with a long essay prompt and a short one. I took too long writing the longer piece; only ending up having less than 15 min to write the short one so I know it will probably have tons of mistakes! What’s done is done. I can only wait and see.

After class on Thursday, I planned to go get waffles with Shannon & Katie. But by the time Josh, Jacquelyn, and I made it back to the station (no one had met us halfway.) I texted Katie but she never got back to me. I didn’t know where else to go, so I went with Jacquelyn and Josh to 설빙 as Liam, Alix, June, and Jack were already there and had ordered two 빙수s. Eventually, I got a hold of Kaitlyn and found out that the girls left the youth center at around 6 pm so they must have left to walk to Better World as soon as we had passed the youth center. I find out that they walked all the way to Better World to meet up with me. We laughed it off and planned to meet back at the subway station.


My photos with Kaitlyn and Alix are still hanging up!

Katie, Shannon, Hunter, and I {Kaitlyn decided to go home} went to our favorite waffle place to eat some waffles {for dinner practically} We hung out at the store and just talked about our test and updated each other on our lives. The waffles were delicious and one of the employees even gave us a free waffle! He said “서비스” and handed us something we didn’t order and we were freaking out because of the generosity. It was funny because that same guy came up to us when we were ordering at the self-checkout machines and told us that we could switch the language to English and proceeded to do so for us. We told him that we could use the machines just fine because we are studying Korean. He shyly apologized and switched it back.

After waffles, I went with Katie to buy some conditioner and then we said goodbye for the day. I came home and did not study whatsoever! No Korean homework was done {yes we were assigned work!} I relaxed, watched YouTube, edited a blog post, and slept a bit early~ It was really nice!

11/30/18 Friday

I slept in 20 min extra today which usually does not happen on schools days. The start of the morning was actually good and I was looking forward to the fact that the weekend was starting! I had dinner plans after school which made me even more excited to start the day despite a wild day of school also being ahead of me. And by wild I mean… just uncomfortable and awkward!

So… I might be following the same class schedule for about two months now; however, I still do not know where I am going half the time!! I thought I had Economica class first rather than Philosophy and I even told my friend 원준 that as I talked to him walking to the fourth floor but then I saw 세림 and she asked where I was going… I realized that your girl made a mistake. I hurriedly checked my schedule and dashed to my 철학 class. I would have technically been a minute late but when I got to class… the lights were on but there was literally no one in the class. Literally no one! I screamed inside my head a little wondering why this was my life…

I wandered the halls for a bit hoping to run into a teacher and luckily I bumped into a teacher I knew— my 통합사회 teacher. I explained to him that I have 철학 right now but that when I went to my class, no one was there… and I didn’t know what to do. He walked with me back to the teachers’ office and checked on it for me. At that time, while I was waiting outside, 하나고 민정쌤 also came out and I explained the situation to it to her too. When my teacher came out, he said something I didn’t really follow but I assumed that the teacher was absent. They told me to go to the library.

So that’s what I did. I went up to the library teacher and told her I was here because of Philosophy. She said some word that I thought was 공강 and so I assumed she was confusing today with another day, thinking I was meeting students today. {Later I learned she was saying 결강 which is the term used when a class is canceled.} She told me to just sit down anywhere. I asked her what I should do, wondering if there was something the teacher left us to do? She told me I could do anything or read. On the first floor, there were no seats so I sat on this cushion type sofa thing by the printers. Eventually, she came over to me and told me there was a second floor. She brought me up there and I quickly took a seat. I saw a lot of my kids from Philosophy also up there… it was quite embarrassing showing up late. If only someone had cared to mention something to me…


Me feeling annoyed in the library because I was left alone to fend for myself… (regarding the class being canceled)

It was nice though~ In those two hours, I got to finish my Korean homework for the weekend and relax a bit on Snapchat. {I also texted Katie throughout the whole class.}

Lunch was fun because Katie and I got to eat with our friends again~ During lunch today, we made each of our friends pick out a name from a bag in order to do Secret Santa but then last minute, we decided to do 마니또 {Secret Angel} instead. The premise of it is pretty similar to Secret Santa but instead of giving one gift and revealing everyone’s Secret Santa at one time, you surprise them with gifts secretly {usually small things leading up to something big} for a period of time. We decided that we had till lunchtime on the 14th of December {as that day would be our last day attending 하나고 for the year.}

After lunch, I had fun talking to 선민 during Sociology. When I first came into the classroom, I sat next to our other friend but there was no open seat for 선민 so when she came in, I moved my seat in order to be able to sit with her. I think I accidentally took the seat away from this guy and his friend? Oops… 선민 also gave me this mint type thing which helped me stay awake during the class… because doing that is such a struggle sometimes.

Friday’s 공강 class was fun as usual. I ended up speaking a bit of Korean with them too and 지은 complimented me on my pronunciation which made me feel good~ We talked about a lot of things but because it was soo long ago… I can’t remember what was said… ahhh, that’s unfortunate. I do know that it was a lot of fun, though~ I definitely was laughing way too loud at times.

영미문학 on Friday was good~ We were just finishing reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. The most fun part of the class was definitely just talking to my friends– particularly 예성. His homeroom class actually got the most people to eat all their lunch on the 다 먹는 날 on Wednesday!! So he won a cute cat pillow looking thing. I was majorly jealous. He told me that they had someone stand watch so they wouldn’t get sabotaged after they reached their class total. He explained that someone probably unfairly put a sticker on ours so we wouldn’t win… I was shocked! People took it so seriously! (My homeroom class got disqualified because we had more stickers than people in our homeroom… we were so close!)

Friday after school, Katie and I went back to 홍대 in order to have dinner with June and Harmony since we don’t often get opportunities to hang with them. We ate at this small Japanese restaurant that was kinda hidden in an alleyway? Like I honestly would not have noticed it if June didn’t have the directions. I ordered a 돈까스밥 bowl type thing. It was very delicious~ We had a really good time laughing and updating each other about everything going on in our lives.

Also, side note, the worker that was helping us out the entire night was super nice. He saw that our backpacks were kind of crowding our feet and he took them and placed them on empty chairs around us. He also noticed my coat was touching the floor and he grabbed the sleeve to show me. He was just being very kind; we definitely appreciated it.


Katie ft. my badly drawn art book…

June and Harmony went home together and Katie and I went to a cafe to hang out for a bit more and get some “work” done. I also ordered Jacks’ Secret Santa gift. Did I mention this yet? I have Jack for our NSLI-Y Secret Santa and I had literally no idea what to get him. However, I thought back to our 안동 trip and remembered him calling Bigfoot Squish Squash and how it literally made the entire back of the bus erupt in laughter! Sooooo your girl went on Amazon and ordered him a Sasquatch stuffed animal. Who else would take a simple joke this far? Hopefully, he remembers though… or else he is gonna be like “Emma how is this relevant? Are you telling me I have big feet?”


Okay, that’s all for this blog post! I hope you I enjoyed~~ Thanks for reading!

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