Trick Eye Museum, Dynamic Maze, and Osulloc Tea Cafe {12/29/18} NSLI-Y AY

12/29/18 Saturday

The night before, I was wallowing in my own boredom as I realized I had no plans for the weekend. Rather than let the night go by without making any plans, I hopped into our AY group chat and asked if anyone wanted to hang out. Besides for Katie responding (like she normally would have), I got no response. Great. Then a few minutes later, Josh privately messaged me saying that he was down to do something too. Then Jacquelyn eventually said that she was free. We had a solid group of 4 wanting to do something but with nothing to do… I tried researching the best things to do in Seoul during the winter but the majority involved going outside to ice skate or ski and we knew that was not going to be an option.

I ended up finding this Trick Eye Museum located in 인사동 called The Alive Museum and attached to it was this maze sort of adventure called The Dynamic Maze. Everyone seemed super excited to try it out–especially because Katie and Josh had never been to a Trick Eye Museum (This surprised me seeing that the one in 홍대 is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area! I went during the summer program with Sofia. Here is that blog post!) and the maze seemed really fun with ropes to climb and tunnels to crawl through and puzzles to solve; therefore, I reserved tickets online early for the three of us. (Jacquelyn was going to join us for lunch but not for our activity because she was still not feeling well.)

We all met up at 종각역 which actually had some cheap underground shopping. Katie and I promised to come back and shop around because the sweaters were really cute. We walked out of the station and pretty quickly were able to find the place (a recommendation found by Jacqulyn #mangoplatemaster). We went to this place called 청진식당 as it was one of the best-reviewed places nearby for less than ten dollars per person. We ordered two servings of 불고기 and 오징어볶음 and it was utterly delicious. So much food for only 8 dollars a person! I left the restaurant so full from everything. I would highly recommend anyone to eat there if you find yourself in the area. Even for picky eaters, the 불고기 would be something good to introduce to someone who is trying Korean food for the first time. If my family ever came to Korea, I would take them here for sure!


After lunch, we parted ways with Jaquelyn and made our way towards 인사동 to find 박물관은 살아있다 or the Alive Museum. We passed by this massive building that Josh said was the right place. I kept telling him that there was no way it was inside of there, “Where are all the signs?” I said. So we kept walking, in the freezing cold, all the way down to the other side of the street realizing that we still had not found the right place. We turned all the way back and returned to the huge building that Josh pointed out at first. We read all the Korean on the floor markers and could not find anything that said The Alive Museum. We walked out and returned realizing that the museum’s name was not 아라이브 박물관 and tried to find it again. On the B2 sign, it said something about a dark room which seemed to be another part of the museum, so we decided to try our luck with that and go there.

When we got into the elevator, we realized that there was literally no button for B2. Literally, there was even a blank button in between B1 and B3 that you could not press. We decided to just get off at B3 and figure out what to do there. We were the only ones getting off there and were shocked to see nothing expect concrete walls and doors with vague electrical signs. We quickly found the staircase and rushed up to the B2 level. We looked around and realized that we had just found ourselves in the middle of the museum. We walked for a bit {seeing all the photo opportunities} and realized we needed to find the entrance because we were basically entering without paying. I found this guy next to the VR area and told me that we bought tickets online but we didn’t know where the entrance to the museum was. He told us to take the elevator up one floor but when we did that, we were still right smack dab in the middle of the museum. Josh decided to take lead and told us to just walk through the whole thing. If we kept going straight, we would eventually get to the entrance—and he was right. When we ran through the last curtain, we laughed looking at the line at the ticket stand. I immediately went outside to see where we were supposed to enter and found an outdoor entrance with stairs on either side. I climbed them and discovered that the entrance was next to the huge building we entered. There was a massive sign {in English} noting the location of the museum. I ran back inside and laughed with the others. Only we would miss the ginormous sign, proceed to read the Korean on the floor map and enter the museum in the middle. I got us our tickets and after playing with the lockers for a bit, we just decided to go in with our coats in hand.

We had a blast on the museum—playing with the props and posing in so many different ways. We spent almost two hours taking in everything {and we didn’t even take shots at every single location!}. By the end of it, we were so tired of taking photos but I was still able to convince everyone to take sticker photos with me. I just like having the physical memories! Plus, today was a day to remember! It was so much fun!

After finishing up and returning to the lobby, we got in line for the Dynamic Maze. Though we hadn’t even waited for a full minute before the employee told us that it would be a 2-hour wait. We looked at each other in shock… we wanted to make it home in time for dinner so we ended up skipping out on the maze even though it looked like so much fun! Maybe next time? {Though I felt so bad because I had already bought the tickets and they were going to have to pay me back even though we didn’t get to do the maze… what a waste of money…}

We didn’t want to leave just yet so we walked around looking for a cafe that wasn’t too expensive {Though I will just say is pretty impossible in 인사동!} We ended up going to 오설록 tea cafe or something like that? They are famous for all their teas {especially 녹차} from 제주도.

Katie and I ended up buying some green tea ice cream and a roll cake. {Don’t worry we fed some to Josh too!}


We sat at the cafe just chilling and chatting for about an hour. We also looked through all the photos from the museum and laughed at all the golden shots! Photos of Josh making creepy faces, Katie not being lucky with lighting, and me crying like a baby. It was a lot of fun (and the cafe eats only added to the experience)

That is all for this blog post! I had so much fun today~ It will definitely always be a day that I remember~ A good memory with great friends, conversations, and food! I hope you enjoyed. Follow for more content like this! 5 months left in Korea… wow, does time fly!

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