Impromptu Project Meeting & Trying Donkatsu for the First Time {01/22/19} NSLI-Y Korea AY

01/22/19 Tuesday

This week we were not having any official supporter meeting plans for working on our project but we wanted to make sure that we got the interview questions down for tomorrow so we decided to meet up at an Ediyas near Better World. Our meeting time was pretty early but not as early as our normal meeting time so I decided to still leave the house at the same time. I did not want my host mom worrying about making me breakfast. I went to study and finish my homework at a cafe. 

I went to Blanc Bakery at 9:30, bought a small blueberry muffin for less than three dollars and then spent almost 2 hours memorizing vocab words and answering questions from our debate in class today {The topic was a no-kill shelter putting down dogs here in Korea}. Katie joined me a bit before 10:30 and we worked until we had to meet our supporter at 11am. 


With our supporter, at Ediyas, we just went through the interview questions we wrote and practiced saying them–making sure we knew what they (sorta) meant and how to pronounce every last word. We also wrote an introduction and conclusion for the interview. We only were at the cafe for about an hour, but we got a lot of work done–and had time to goof off and just talk. At one point, I needed to use the bathroom but it was outside of the cafe (in the lobby type area of the entire building) which took some courage from me to go find. (I know… that should not be a difficult thing to do but I am just the anxious type about everything!) However, when I went and typed the passcode into the lock pad the bathroom door, I could not get the door to open. Eventually, I typed in the code too many times that it started beeping so I just ran back to our table in defeat and proceeded to tell them how inadequate I am. Katie, being the amazing friend she is, took me to the bathroom and showed me how to open the door. Apparently, I was supposed to close the cover of the lock on the door before opening the door so that the code would process which makes so much sense but… when you need to do the deed, sometimes you cannot think. (That is what I will blame it on.)


After we finished practicing, we once again separated ways. Katie came to study at the center for a bit but then I went with Shada to get lunch with Jacquelyn and Jenna while Katie walked back to Better World to study some more before class. We planned to, at first, go to this small shop called “Cheese Mania” to get grilled cheese for lunch but halfway there, I pointed out this really good 돈까스 place that Kaitlyn took Alix, Katie, and me to during the beginning of the program. With that comment, Shada exclaims “I have never had 돈까스 before.” At that moment, we knew where we would be eating. We all ordered the same thing at this restaurant: 치즈 돈까스. When we all sat down, we gave each other the eyes because the guy behind the counter in the kitchen was extremely attractive. We joked about it for a bit.

Korean class today was really slow. We spent one hour just doing reading and listening passages from the textbook while the second hour was Josh’s presentation on the influence of 유교 on Korean culture and just chatting about a variety of topics. 민정쌤 came to observe our class during the last period in which we just went over the vocab words from the new chapter. The theme was words with the prefix 맨 which means bare–mostly. For example, 맨밥 means just plain rice and 맨발 means barefoot. Our teacher was giving us an example of 맨몸 which to us looked like it was going to be just naked but the she starts her sentence with “When you fight with someone” and we were all looking so confused. She goes on to explain a situation in which you are fighting someone with no weapons–just your hands, and we all burst out laughing. We all were laughing because this whole time we thought she meant someone fighting while naked until she got to the point about having no weapons. 민정쌤 also began to laugh when she realized what we thought.

After class, I just went home right away so I ate dinner with my host mom. My older host sister was not feeling well and the younger one was not hungry so it was just us two. I told her about my interview tomorrow and how nervous I was!! I spent the rest of the night working on my workbook pages and studying some grammar. I went to bed kind of early to feel well rested for tomorrow~


Delicious dinner made by my host mom ❤

I was going to combine today with tomorrow since I assumed this blog post would be quite short but I think I underestimated how much I would describe Korean class today… So I guess Tuesday gets its own day! Yay~ Anyway, thanks for reading this blog post~ Catch you on the next one!

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