강화도 {Ganghwa Island), Barbeque Camp, Puppy Cafe, and Embarrassing Myself at Olive Young {02/16/19} NSLI-Y Korea AY

02/16/19 Saturday 

Saturday was a really fun day spent with my both my host sisters and my host dog Andy! Earlier in the week, we planned to visit 혜리예술마을 (Heyri Art Village) together but because they predicted there would be very large crowds, we decided to visit one of the beaches on 강화도 (Ganghwa Island) instead and then have lunch and go to a cafe out there. (We would be visiting establishments that allowed dogs so Andy could also play with us all day!) 

강화도 is an island of 인천 and it took us a little less than an hour and a half to arrive at the beach. It was kind of a cold day, so we got all bundled up with scarves and gloves and such to be able to hang out on the beach. This was my first time ever going to a beach during the winter season and I can say that there is a completely different vibe when you go during this time of the year. Obviously, the activities you do are different (no swimming now… unless you want frostbite…you do you) but I honestly really liked the fact that there were not that many people there. Also, the colors of everything are less vibrant and the water looks more serene in the winter… I am not too sure but I feel like I prefer the beach in the winter! 


Look at this precious photo of my host dog Andy! My sis is a great photographer!!!

My older host sister brought her film camera to the beach so we spent a lot of time taking photos (of us too but mostly Andy because he is the star–always stealing the spotlight!). While we were walking along the beach, we noticed that there was this huge group of young people running around being chased by seagulls. There was a flock of seagulls hovering over all their heads–going crazy–and particularly following this one guy. I was shocked because I have never seen those birds be so active… besides stalking beach blankets to steal food crumbs. As we came closer, I realized that they were all going crazy because the one guy had a bag of shrimp chips and they were literally feeding the birds. They were throwing the chips in the air and watching the birds swoop down and eat the snacks. At one point, this shorter, heavier set guy grabbed the bag and tried just holding up a chip in his hand like the other guy was doing but none of the birds were coming to eat the chip. He then started whining and exclaiming that his arms were too short for the birds; they could not see the snacks. It was absolutely hilarious. 

After we ran around with Andy for a while (He even ran into the ocean, got his paws all muddy, and then would run back to us and jump on our coats. It was bad for my host sisters who had black long padding on… the paw prints were very visible!)

After taking lots of pictures, we left for lunch! We drove out to this restaurant called Barbeque Camp which has been opened since 2003. It was literally in the 시골 of 강화도! While we were driving to the location, we passed by a farm with a bunch of cows! We stopped the car in front of their feeding area and tried to communicate with them through our best impressions of cow noises–calls? However you would describe them



The restaurant had an outside portion that was really set up as a camp with picnic tables and such. It looked so comfy and cozy. Unfortunately, it was too cold to sit outside but I can only imagine how nice it would be to eat there during the springtime. We ended up eating two different types of meat and also stuffing our faces with ramen. Also, we got to enjoy some pretty expensive and high-quality barbecued meat; however, my host sisters seemed to enjoy the cup ramen more so ended up ordering another cup! They are easy to please!

After lunch, we returned to the beach once again to allow Andy to play some more. (And to take more photos as well of course!) We went to the other side of the beach this time and walked along all the rocks. It was really nice~ Plus, the weather warmed up a bit so my fingers were no longer in danger of freezing off.

Once we had seen and done what we wanted to, we went to our next and final destination: a cafe for dogs! It was not a puppy cafe where you can play with dogs after ordering a drink, this was a place made for customers to bring their dogs. The place has water and treats for the dogs and plenty of open space in a yard outside and a rooftop garden for dogs to run around and play. It was extremely nice! We ordered some hot drinks and then explored the cafe and took more photos of Andy–the model for the day.



On the way back to 고양시, I was so fatigued that I slept the entire car ride. It was a very nice nap! Coming back home, we just all chilled and relaxed after that tiring but extremely fun day! 

However, for me, it was not smooth sailing from there. I had to end the night by embarrassing myself! Never going to the Olive Young next to my train station ever again!! {That will probably be a lie but for now… I don’t think I can show my face there!} 

So I went on a little errand run to Olive Young to buy some hair conditioner cause your girl has really long curly hair and it needs moisture constantly. When I came back home and attempted to open the new bottle so that I could take a shower, the nozzle would not pop up. I kept twisting it and twisting it and nothing would unlock so no conditioner would come out. I even brought it to my older host sister so that she could try unleashing it… but no look! Nothing would come out… 

She told me to go back and exchange it since I still had the receipt but I was not going to do that. I told her I could just open the cap every time and squirt out the conditioner that way. She was not having this and kept telling me to go or she would come with me and return it for a new one. This would be ten times more embarrassing— foreigner having to come back with a Korean to return a broken product. I studied this! I had all the knowledge behind me and the correct vocabulary to be able to do the exchange. 

So I quickly declined her offer and said I could go by myself. I went to the Olive Young Counter and explained the situation. The worker literally took the bottle and worked some mysterious magic that unlocked the nozzle with only a couple twists. I was in shock and getting red in the face. I could not believe my luck. I immediately started apologizing and ran out of that store as quickly as possible. 

I returned home and told my host sister everything and took a shower with the conditioner whose origins will never ever leave my memory… 

Well, with all that being said, that is the end of this blog post. I was going to combine this weekend with this post but I underestimated exactly how much I had to say for this day. {Also probably shouldn’t have rambled on so long about conditioner seeing that probably no one cares} But regardless, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! 

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