Exploring Sinchon (신촌) with Korean High School Friends: Arcade, Sulbing, and 맛집 (02/24/19) NSLI-Y Korea AY

02/24/19 Sunday

Kaitlyn and I finally got to meet up with the girls we met at 한미캠프 (Hanmi Camp–Korea/America Exchange Camp back in December) after not seeing them for almost two entire months. Everyone’s schedules were different so we ended up first meeting 연우 and 윤지 for lunch at a 맛집 (well known good restaurant–literally translates to taste house) in 신촌 and then later planned to meet up with 지현 and then we would all be together for a while until we separated for the day. 


We ended up going to this restaurant called Yellow Spoon which was known for serving these really big portions of hamburg steak. I ordered a snow cheese hamburg steak (not really sure why the cheese was called snow cheese… maybe cause the color was white?) which was really delicious and for the amount of food that was given, the price was not too bad. The only thing that was unsatisfactory was the fact that there was So Much CORN! I literally had to spend minutes picking out the corn and placing them on a napkin (which Kaitlyn later teased me about).

After we ate lunch, we walked around for bit trying to decide what to do (we really had no good plan) before stumbling upon an arcade and deciding to go inside. We first played the iconic basketball game by splitting up into two groups: foreigners and Koreans. And to much of my surprise, Kaitlyn and I won! (Though Kaitlyn at times… was dead weight. But she too knew this.) Actually, at the start of the game, she literally threw one of the basketballs behind the entire machine! Like it went all the way up behind the hoop! We tried later looking for it behind everything but we could not see anything as the machine had a lot of trash bags underneath it. But besides the fact that we had one less ball than the other team, we were able to win! We then were given more time to play and we were almost able to make it to 100 points! (We were one off! 99!) I never saw myself as being good at basketball.. But maybe I have a talent at this game?


We also played DDR in which I received my fair share of absolute horrible ratings–F, D, C– to some good ratings!! (A all the ways~) 지현 ended up showing up around this time so we took some photobooth photos before heading off on a hunt to get some 빙수 (Korean shaved ice). We originally planned on trying this place with some really tall 빙수 that 윤지 found though MangoPlate (Korea’s version of Yelp basically) but they were closed when we got there. We went inside another place known for 빙수 but thought that the portions were too small for their prices so we gave up everything and just went to 설빙! There we ordered three flavors: strawberry, 인절미 (rice cake powder… is how I would describe it), and oreo. They were all delicious~ We just chatted while chowing down on the cool treats and dealing with our brain freeze.


After having our desserts, we went back into the subway station and walked around the underground shopping mall connected to the station. There were a lot of cute jewelry stalls with handmade earrings (which were adorable!), clothing brands, accessories, and there was even a stall with slime! I never knew there were so many different types of slime… the table had a lot of little pots of slime with different textures and colors that you could try to squish. We were all having a lot of fun sticking our fingers into this big container of pink slime (which eerily looked like those pink slime photos that surfaced on the internet claiming to be what Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets were made of). We also passed the Samsung store and played this quick matching game and we actually won a selfie stick/tripod type device which 윤지 was kind enough to gift to me. Thinking back on it… hopefully, my phone will be able to fit into it seeing that I do not have a Samsung phone… 

We also walked around this food court area that had a lot of packaged gift box sets of fancy foods and snacks as well as freshly prepared foods like mango juice and special Taiwanese cracker sandwiches. There was one stall that was selling fruit mochi with actual pieces of fruit covered in mochi. It was so interesting to look at them especially the grape mochi! Full-on grapes connected together covered in mochi! The workers were making some strawberry ones while we were walking by and they were kind enough to let us try some pieces. It was pretty tasty.


After walking around for a bit, we split up and said our goodbyes. I spent a bit more time with Kaitlyn and 지현 walking around the Muji store but eventually, I was feeling tired and decided to head home for the day. I have no other pictures from this day so I am not sure what I got up to at night but I for sure ate dinner with my host family and probably lounged around at home for a bit. According to my phone log, I was on Quizlet for a couple hours getting those vocab words memorized in preparation for our monthly test on Tuesday. 

This post is a little on the shorter side but I will not be combining it with another day~ I hope you enjoyed anyway! This was such a fun day with great friends and I am so happy to be able to say that I have been able to make and maintain friendships here with Koreans! I definitely know that these girls are down to hang out when they have time and I could not be more grateful for them allowing our friendship~~~ Despite any language barriers. We will have to meet up again soon! 

Till next time!

  • Emma 엠마

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