Smuggling Cake & McDonald’s into Korean High School & Surprising my Korean Teacher!!! (05/14/2019) NSLI-Y Korea AY

05/14/2019 Tuesday

Tuesday marked my final mentorship meeting with three of my three 2nd year friends 수빈, 지연과 은서. After having a really great time hanging out together on Saturday, we were still buzzing with excitement during this meeting. Although it was the last one, we did not make it sad and instead focused on anything but eventual goodbye at the end of the period. I also gave them their s’mores kits which they absolutely loved since all of them had never eaten a s’mores before. From the night before I ended up buying baggies and letter sheets from ArtBox and wrote a cute little letter with instructions on how to make the smores. I also detailed that if a bonfire could not be found (IF…lol), that the microwave in their school 7/11 store would be a perfect substitution.

Music class as well as my other academic classes are a bit foggy now. I do not think anything much out of the ordinary occurred. Katie and I took a walk around the school this morning because as it got warmer this weekend, the plants and flowers around campus were exceptionally beautiful and vibrant. Throughout the year, Katie and I tended not to explore campus all too much but when I stroll around like this, I realize how beautiful the campus really is. And so of course I had to take a ton of photos to remember everything.

Today, I also had my final mentorship meeting with my other two second year friends and because I also have this period with Katie and her two first year students, we decided to throw a little party which would include cake, McDonald’s chicken tenders, and lots and lots of snacks from the convenience store. Our cake came with candles but we had nothing to light them with…or so we thought. Before we knew it, one of the students (hiding the name for privacy reasons), pulled out a lighter and so we were all able to make a wish by blowing out the candles. But not before we were all exclaiming how funny it was that they just casually had a lighter in their bookbag.

It was a really nice party and everything was delicious–even the cake which was only ten dollars!! I really do think the students enjoyed it and I was happy that we were able to make our last meeting together special. We ended our time together by playing some games which left me clutching my side because it hurt so much from laughing. One of the games we played was this elephant one that I learned in my ASL class from senior year of high school which comprises of one person standing in the middle of the others forming a circle and they point at someone randomly. The person that gets pointed at has to put their hands on their nose in order to impersonate a elephant trunk while the people standing next to them have to form their ‘elephant ears’ with their hands. It was fun and got us moving after eating so much sugar!

After our meeting was over and we separated to grab lunch, Katie and I made our way back to 홍대 for our final Korean class before our final exams, if you will. I quickly rushed over to the $10 cake store and bought a cookies and cream cake for my teacher (I also had a card I had written to her during one of my classes that day). While our teacher was filling up her thermos with hot water for tea, we told her to take her time as we needed to prepare ‘something.’ That something was the cake if you are not catching on. She started laughing and played along while Jacquelyn stayed in the hallway to stall our teacher and started asking her questions so that she would walk slower our classroom. Eventually she came in and we all shouted for her and wished her a Happy Teacher’s Day. Honestly, I wish I could replay that moment in my head always as her smile truly made my day. I think she thought we were only surprising her because it was the last class; she did not expect us to be doing all of this for Teacher’s Day (as well). Is my teacher not the most adorable teacher ever? (My classmates are cute too I guess… :p) Teacher’s Day is technically tomorrow but like I mentioned early, today was our last class and a test day is usually… not the mood for a celebratory day involving cake.

We passed out plates and forks and all got to enjoy some cake while the teacher started going over the grammar review. She kept trying to get us to eat more and we were like “This CaKe iS fOr YoU!!!”

This blog post is rather short but here it isssss anyways. Thank you for reading!~

  • Emma 엠마

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