Other NSLI-Y Blogs

Russian Summer 2016~

Anna in Moscow –  Anna’s Blog

Chinese Summer 2016~

Alisa in China –  Alisa’s Blog

Carrie in China – Carrie’s Blog

Jaime in China – Jaime’s blog

James in China – James’ Blog

Arabic Summer 2016~

Leesa in Morocco –  Leesa’s Blog

Sophia in Jordan –  Sophia’s Blog

Hindi Summer 2016~

Gemma in India – Gemma’s Blog

Mei in India – Mei’s Blog

Korean Summer 2016~

Nicole in Korea – Nicole’s Blog

Jessica in Korea – Jessica’s Blog

Annalise in Korea – Annalise’s Blog

Adilene in Korea – Adeline’s Blog

Sofia in Korea – Sofia’ s Blog

Yves in Korea – Yves’ Blog

Maris in Korea – Maris’ Blog


(After my NSLI-Y Program Year of (summer) 2016, I will only be updating this page with the links of Korean Summer and Year Blogs!~ 🙂

Korea Summer 2017~

Jackie in Korea – Jackie’s Blog

Nha in Korea – Nha’s Blog

Jacquelyn in Korea – Jacquelyn’s Blog

Group Blog – Here

Chantal in Korea – Chantal’s Blog

Josh in Korea – Josh’s Blog

Korean Academic Year 2016-2017

Simone in Korea – Simone’s Blog

Nektarios in Korea – Nektarios’ Blog

Libby in Korea – Libby’s Blog

Haley in Korea – Haley’s Blog

Claire in Korea – Claire’s Blog

Jennifer in Korea – Jennifer’s Blog

John Palmer (JP) in Korea – JP’s Blog

Alex in Korea – Alex’s Blog

Korea Summer 2018~

Shreya in Korea – Shreya’s Blog

Ashley in Korea – Ashley’s Blog

Michelle in Korea – Michelle’s Vlog

Korea Academic Year 2017-2018

Sura in Korea – Sura’s Blog

Teresa in Korea – Teresa’s Blog

Korea Academic Year 2018-2019

Hunter in Korea – Hunter’s Blog

Jacquelyn in Korea – Jacquelyn’s Blog

Harmony in Korea – Harmony’s Blog

Shada in Korea – Shada’s Vlog

Alix in Korea – Alix’s Vlog

Josh in Korea – Josh’s Blog

McKenzie in Korea – McKenzie’s Blog

Korea Academic Year 2019-2020

Mia in Korea – Mia’s Blog

Julia in Korea – Julia’s Blog

Blake in Korea – Blake’s Blog

Korea Summer 2019~

Group Blog – Here

Ava in Korea – Ava’s Blog // Vlog

Lour Drick in Korea – Lour Drick’s Vlog

Shelby in Korea – Shelby’s Blog

Misc. Alumni~

Lydia in Korea – Lydia’s Blog

Alice in Korea – Alice’s Blog