Running on Four Hours of Sleep, Two Bottles of Coffee, and into the Wrong Classroom (03/20-21/19) NSLI-Y Korea AY

03/20/19 Wednesday 

It’s been awhile yet again since this day actually happened (almost two weeks to be exact..) so what I did in my actual classes at 하나고 this day are but a faded distant memory. During lunch, Katie and I ate with 혜지 and 윤세 and today happened to be an unofficial “eat-all-your-food-and-get-a-fun-snack-or-prize day” so if you ended up eating the majority of your food, you got a pack of green grape gummies which were delicious~ 


I had politics for the last period of the day and was dreading the boring lecture of which I could only (barely) understand every 5 words or so. Luckily, I was literally saved by the bell—or to be more exact, the fire alarm. 하나고 was having their fire drill for the new school year which involved getting everyone out of the building and onto the soccer field which only proved 2 things to me: 1. The school is so small that they were able to fit everyone on that tiny field and 2. If there was a real fire, we would be too close to the possible fire zone. (In a real situation I would hope they actually leave the camps.)

But anyways the drill was actually fun. Because of it, I got to talk to a few more of my classmates and somewhat bond with them?!? We talked about fire drills in Korea and getting ready for school in the morning (They were shocked to hear that I have to wake up before 6 am to come to school.) Everyone was curious about what club I will be doing and where I take Korean classes so we talked about that as well. It was nice feeling like I was a part of the conversation (actually contributing meaningfully) rather than feeling like I’m on the outside of one. I do not feel this way with my close friends but with the general school population, it can be quite different…

We finished up the last period of class after the fire drill with a debate on the mandatory military service for Korean men. Did I really follow along well? No… did I sneak Korean homework under my notes? Yes… 


Before we left school, 도윤 ran up to me and deliveries a plastic bag of snacks to me from my 마니또 (My homeroom is currently playing the game! Like Secret Santa but more like Secret Angel). Unfortunately she, too, didn’t know who it was so I was stuck having nothing to go off by. Though, I appreciated the snacks of chips and chocolate! 


After school, Katie and I went to Paris Baguette for a bit and just chilled—enjoying some macaroons and bread. I ended up changing into real clothes at the subway bathroom and met a Korean friend for dinner. 


We had been language exchange partners for the past month (Though, to be honest, it was not really a language exchange seeing that I only ever spoke in Korean.) and we finally decided to meet up. I have done this before during my summer program with HelloTalk friends so do not worry, I was being safe!

We went to a fried chicken place that took us quite a bit of time to find as we got lost… and it was also heavily raining which was unfortunate. But the food was good! And although I had so much anxiety about being able to hold a conversation for so long over dinner with a stranger, I did well–it was fun.

We ended the night with some ice cream and a movie.

3/21/19 Thursday 

Wednesday was a really late night for me… I got home late from my plans and I still had to do homework and write a presentation for the following Korean class so I stayed up really late to finish everything. (I ended up writing some of my presentation on the train and memorizing it in school/on the way to 홍대 for class.) 

Katie and I took a trip to the convenience store near the school to buy some coffee to wake ourselves up. Since I also could not eat breakfast, I ended up eating some Greek yogurt there too. what happened after this.. left me scarred for the rest of the day.


We ended up getting to school late because the stoplight took forever to change so we were stuck waiting across the street for what seemed like forever. When we got to school, we went to the right floor but failed to make our way to the right hallway. I ran into the first classroom on the left and Katie ran passed me as her class was a couple rooms down… when I entered the class, I did not recognize anyone and I saw my world history teacher at the front of the class. I was confused but then saw 지연 and ran to her. At that moment, I realized I had entered the wrong classroom and suddenly everyone’s stares turned into lasers and I could feel my face getting hot. I said bye to 지연 and then ran out of the room to see Katie waiting a bit away from the door laughing—she had looked at the room number before entering, noticing that it was the wrong room. We both sprinted to the other hallway (already late might I add) and passed by some teachers and frantically bowed. They laughed. They definitely knew we were late. I was so embarrassed! I explained my morning to 소연 and she told me a similar story about her finding a math class during her first year here. It was nice to share this with her and have her try to make me feel better–bonding over our shared embarrassing experiences.

Today’s 한국사 class was definitely something… something I didn’t except. Let me break it down, last semester I had one of my two current 한국사 teachers (I am taking Korean history this semester with two teachers–one class with first years and the other is with third years). When I first joined his class (back in October), I told him that his writing on the board was hard to read and he already knew that me trying to keep up with what was said in class {I was at Intermediate Low at this point the semester} was practically impossible so he gave me permission to study Korean during class and that is what I did.

Every single class period (once a week) I would usually do workbook pages or review grammar. When I had his class for the first time yesterday, he told me that he was ready to have me learn along with the rest of the students. He gave me a thick packet of notes and told the student next to me to share their book with me. I realized right then and there that this 한국사 class was not going to be like last semester… but even though I had this expectation in my mind for class today, I had not expected that he was going to actually interact with me during class. While he was lecturing, he kept asking me questions about random things (often times comparing things to America). I was shocked the first time he did and with every name call, I would get so anxious that I would mishear or not understand his questions at all. Let me add that he did this to no one else. I was the only one to answer any questions throughout the class period.

Not only that but when we opened the textbook, he asked me if my Korean skills improved and I replied with a not confident maybe (though I do know that I’ve gotten better) and then he proceeds to ask me if I can read the textbook. I look at the passages and say that I, of course, can (though I also could have last year too…) I felt queasy a lot of a sudden because I realized where this question was going: He. Asked. Me. To. Read. Aloud. To. The. Class. 

I was the only student to read and I read several lines and honestly not that well—I accidentally said 15 instead of 50 when I was trying to translate a number. Yikes. After I read the first line, everyone started to clap for me which I will admit, felt nice. During break, I ran out to rant to Katie who conveniently had her class right next to me and my teacher came out and greeted Katie as well. He asked me if reading in class was okay and I said that it was fine despite it giving me an anxiety attack every time. 

However, I’m glad he’s making me try. I realized that I can understand so much more when I actually try and focus. All the history terms flew over my head but I was able to understand some of the fun stories and descriptions of things. At one point he was asking the class which person out of three individuals that were somehow—in a roundabout way—related to Korea, would be the best president and be considered a Korean by definition. The person that was the right answer was actually a Chinese man who moved to Korea when he was young rather than a Korean person by blood but had only been to Korea on vacation. Honestly, I agree with the answer but I was surprised to see that because bloodlines and the Korean heritage seem so important here. Despite me being a nervous wreck during the entirety of class, it was enjoyable. I’m glad that he includes me rather than ignores me. That part is nice.

After Korean class on Thursday, I went to Blanc Bakery and bought some macaroons for my homeroom 마니또. I got this random boy in my homeroom and I would be lying if I told you right now that I know his face/could recognize him among the boys in my homeroom. I came home right after that and had dinner with my host sisters and Ellen at home. We had 떡볶이 and then some really good chocolate cake! Ellen picked up this cake from Twosome on her way home from her plans today. I spent the next couple hours sitting at the kitchen table with them talking about everything and anything—one thing that kept surfacing was love.


Ellen told us about an ‘office romance’ she had with a guy at her work but she was completely blind to the fact that he liked her but after hearing the stories she described to us, my host sister and I knew that she was being ridiculous—it was so obvious! For one thing, he invited her to hang out on Valentines Day while he had a girlfriend (who was long-distance or something like that! She offered an excuse by saying that maybe he forgot what day it was and we hardcore laughed. No man with a girlfriend could EVER forget Valentines Day enough to invite another girl to do something with them… it’s all good now because Ellen has found a cute guy that lives close to her so she’s set. 


That is all for this blog post! I do not know why… but I found it entertaining to reread! Thanks for reading~

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White Day Romance, Yeonsu Market, and Eating Lunch with Third Year Korean Friends (03/14-15/19) NSLI-Y AY

03/14/19 Thursday 

Today was a special corporate created holiday in Korea (like Valentine’s Day) called White Day. Basically, in Korean couple culture and youth culture, girls are supposed to confess to the guy they like on actual Valentine’s Day and if that said guy likes the girl back, he will return the favor exactly one month later (Guys can also just confess to girls on this day). If a couple is already dating, White Day is a day for boyfriends and girlfriends to spoil each other. Obviously, I have no love interest in Korea but I have my soulmate Katie so we planned to meet up after class on Thursday to exchange sweets {Something to make the day sweet after a rather stressful Korean class.} 

In the morning, I had economics with 서린 and we finished up our supply and demand farming game from the previous week. We decided to play it safe and mostly chose to grow 고구마 (sweet potato). Turns out, we actually won the game; we had the highest profit by the end of the game!!! The rest of the class was spent taking notes from a PowerPoint which took a lot out of me to not fall asleep during. I had to even chew a stick of gum because I was high key nodding off in class.

After economics, I had 한국사 (Korean history) with the same smiley teacher from last semester. When he walked into the room and saw me, he immediately greeted me—this felt so good~ However, I have a feeling that he is expecting me to follow along in class from now on. He handed me a notes packet and told me to share a textbook with the girl next to me and he even asked me a question in class about something in the book. {There was a fossil in the book that was supposed to look like a human face but it honestly looked like any old rock. He asked me what it looked like and I told him I had no idea which made everyone laugh but he agreed with me that it was not clear at all.} I hope I can lower his expectations of me soon so I can just do Korean class work! That would be so nice! {I also might have accidentally told him I went home for winter break which was a lie… I stayed here the whole time, clearly).

For lunch today, Katie and I ate with our third year friends (one of my English mentor-ship groups): 규원, 지은, and 주연. It was nice being able to catch up with them since it feels like ages since we were able to eat with them~ They are all studying hard and struggling through that third year student life. I feel for them~~ Though, I’m glad we are still able to keep in touch! I hope that we will continue to have lunches together~ 


On my way to Korean class, I stopped by Blanc Bakery for some macaroons {one for me, two for Katie, and one for 근영 (He did the English mentor-ship program with me last semester and he is now leaving 하나고:/ to transfer high schools} and I also withdrew some money because I used up all my stipend officially, today, after those pastries. Unfortunately, I could not make it till Monday…sigh

I honestly cannot remember Thursday’s Korean class at all. I believe we learned three grammar points that seemed to be pretty useful—meaning I can see myself sprinkling them in to some conversations. We also got our Topik writing back and I did pretty well on it!? I counted up my score and I was only 5 points away from getting a level 5 on that particular test which was really cool to think about. It would honestly be amazing to get level 5 but for now, I’m just hoping for level 4! 


Me annoying Josh as usual~

After class, Katie and I exchanged our goodies~ She bought me Peppero and even wrote me the cutest letter in Korean! I was so touched~~ Wanna know the way to my heart? A cute letter on cute stationary ❤ Seriously, I’m easy to please. 


I went home early that day and had dinner with my host family. I ate with my host sisters and we had some seafood fried rice (I keep forgetting the name of the fish!) I spent the rest of the night writing my topic proposal for our individual research project which will last until the end of the program. I decided to do mental/learning disability discrimination in South Korea, focusing on Autism as it is really heavily stigmatized here. I also took a trip to the 편의점 and Artbox to buy a card for 근영 and to try the new apple cherry blossom flavored apple juice that Kaitlyn was telling me about. 


I also succumbed to Korean trends and bought a black “long padding” coat…

3/15/19 Friday

Katie and I started our bus ride to school the right way (the only way really): with a jam out session to the song Country Roads. It is now our new theme song!!

We started off the day with music class together. We got to the room early (the first students to arrive to be exact) so Katie played a song on the piano while I roamed around the room aimlessly. The first part of class today was spent learning to define chords of music (chords made up of 3 notes I believe?) which took a lot out of me seeing that I have no background in music! Katie was of tremendous help and I quickly grasped the new concept and was able to finish the rest of the sheet by myself! Honestly, it felt good being able to complete it. Also, since I was participating in a Korean class, this accomplishment made me ten times happier. 

During the break time between classes, Katie and I went inside one of the practice rooms and she just dug out the chords for Country Roads out of thin air and we sang together while she played the piano. I’m not sure how sound proof the walls are (I speak from experience, I can always hear the male students singing when they are inside of them.), but if anyone on the outside could hear us singing… I’m sorry. That must have been painful! 


The rest of the music class was spent learning and singing a new song called 수고했어 오늘도 which basically translates to “Today too, you worked hard/suffered because of it.” Its kinda hard to directly translate this phrase from Korean to English. The song was quite catchy and the lyrics were relate-able for any student, and honestly… any struggles.

After music class, I had English public speaking with 서린 taught by Jason—one of the now two (American) foreign teachers here at 하나고. Honestly, this morning I was dreading the class because I had no desire to do public speaking while I was here and even though I did speech team and was a captain, I don’t enjoy the activity of giving speeches. That is why, I will not be continuing that endeavor at the university level… But even though those were the thoughts I came into to class with, the period ended up being really fun. We spent the whole first period and a part of the second learning different body and hand gestures we can use in our speeches. We also went over all these different gestures and discussed the vibe they gave off. It was pretty refreshing and fun since we all had to move our desks in a circle and then stand out in front of them and do all the motions along with Jason—it was an interactive class! Honestly, it felt like we were doing warm-ups you might do in drama club. It was a lot of fun! 

Jason also talked to us about our first speech assignment: an instructional speech. We got to spend the last few minutes of class brainstorming good ideas for what to present about. Since I’m not getting a grade, I can basically do whatever I like and I want to make it fun for the other kids so I was thinking of sing something involving American culture and food! My first thought was ‘How to Make a Grilled Cheese” but it would be hard to buy/or make that many… my wallet does not have sufficient funds for that. I then thought of teaching American slang or speaking style but I’m not sure what exactly that would consist of. I also thought of doing a ‘How to pack for a picnic’ speech but I don’t have a basket for that and picnic foods like cheese and fruit are expensive here so… I still need to think more about my topic. 

Katie and I had lunch with our big group of friends and had a good time just enjoying the actual food cafeteria food today and chatting about everything. Actually, high status police men actually came to 하나고 today to do a presentation and so a bunch of really attractive looking young guys (and one girl!) with dark blue uniforms came in and almost all the girls stopped to turn their heads—they all definitely noticed the different male energy. It was really funny. 


Since yesterday was White Day, the school set up this little event at dinner time that allowed students to get a balloon, put a wish on it, and then tie it on the balcony in front of the dorm and they would release the balloons later. Yesterday, 지은 told me that they used to always do it during lunch time so it was a shame that we were gonna miss it because we weren’t going to be here for dinner. But anyways, all the colorful balloons with messages made for a perfect backdrop for a photo! So we got all our friends together and took a group photo. 


After lunch, Katie and I both had free time since we had our library classes. I actually had my 공강 and Katie and her mentor-ship period but because the kids haven’t been decided yet, it was a free period for both of us. I spent the first half of the period actually being productive and reviewing a grammar point but then I got so sleepy that I started nodding off while taking notes… so I ended up sleeping for the last ten minutes or so and it was a hardcore nap. I woke up low-key drooling and there was a mark on the side of my face from my coat. 

The last class of the day was Economics which is always a class that I have a difficulty staying awake in but I really think that 10 minute power nap gave me the energy to stay somewhat alert and awake. The teacher just lectured the whole time and everyone listened and added to their notes. But, we also had some fun conversations too! Our teacher, at one point, was trying to reach us about this one graph that showed how a person was willing to buy a product based on price. She used the one product that we all could get behind: ice cream and 호떡. 

She first started off by writing all the different prices of 호떡 from 500원 {less than 50 cents}—which she stated was the price of them when she was younger—all the way up to 2,500원 (a little less than $2.50$. Then she asks “Who would buy 호떡 for 500원 and I also raised my hand with most of the rest of the class and my teacher actually was surprised. She exclaimed, ‘Oh Emma is answering too!” which made me laugh. I guess she found it surprising that I was following along. We did the same activity with this famous Korean ice cream bar called 돼지바 which is basically like the strawberry shortcake (there’s also chocolate version) ice cream bar back in America except this one was both chocolate and strawberry, not just one flavor like the bars mentioned above. She asked a couple people how many they would eat if each bar was only 50 cents but most people were shy or really said they would only eat two. One of the guys said he would get 4 but I bet he could have said more! Our teacher, being the true honest gal she is, wrote that she would gladly buy 6 bars. I could get behind that, most likely. 

School ended and Katie and I set off on an adventure to eat some 분식 (snack food). We walked by the stall that we know is right by our 녹차호떡 stand but there was no one there. We didn’t really know where else to look so we mustered up the courage to walk through the market (연서시장) and get something to eat there. Our criteria was 딱볶이 and preferably a place to sit and eat. Our first walk through the mountain that was a lot of shops selling packaged 반찬 or other fresh produce and meat. We took this one random turn and then we did pass by some actual small sit down restaurants but none seemed to serve the spicy rice cakes that we had a craving for. Eventually, we tried one last time to walk though one of the alleyways and by doing so, we found the perfect place with a line even (good sign good sign)! We ordered some 떡볶이 and a variety set of 튀김. It was all so delicious! And it only came out to be less than 4 dollars! 

After eating, we went to a cafe for an hour just to chill and get some work done. I had to leave pretty quickly after we arrived cause I really wanted to make it home in time for dinner since I was going to be meeting Ellen—my older host sister’s best American friend. 


When I got home, she was the only one there so we talked a little about her experience on NSLI-Y and her Boren scholarship and what she’s working as now. She’s so cool! A role model! As soon as my host sisters came home, we went to the 24 hour restaurant near the apartment complex and ate some 콩나물국밥 (bean sprout rice porridge/stew). Dinner was so much fun~ We talked about a bunch of things ranging from the drug scandal that a Big Bang member is a part of, travel, the drama within my NSLI-Y cohort, and some tea from when Ellen did NSLI-Y. I really liked the way her presence changed the atmosphere. She is really fun!


That is all for this blog post~ It is quite a long one. I hope you enjoyed. I cannot believe that it has been two whole months since I last posted… College sure has been hectic and busy but I am enjoying it all the same. Hopefully, I can crank out more posts during these winter months. Until next time~

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Korea {& a break from school} 11/15/18 (NSLI-Y Korea AY)

11/15/18 Thursday

Today was the day I had been waiting for all week~ The day that we would be able to eat some real American food and share the Thanksgiving holiday/American culture in general with our Korean high school friends. Although I was originally worried that 도윤 wouldn’t be able to come, (I complained to 민정쌤 with some very sad messages when I thought this) it turned out to be okay! 도윤 was coming!!

My morning was very relaxing. I ended up waking up 10 am… no regrets! I lounged around in my room for a little bit while getting ready and even filmed some SnapChat videos to send to my friends— I even did a 먹방 {Korean eating show // Basically, you talk while eating and record that}. While taking to the subway, I memorized my speech in preparation for the dinner. I was definitely still shaky when I first practiced it at the youth center, but it was overall pretty well-ingrained in my mind after a few run-throughs.

All the NSLI-Y students arrived at 1 pm so we could do one huge run through on the speeches we would be giving. For most people, it went pretty smoothly. I was not really ready for 4 hours of class that day… I knew it would leave me exhausted but at least I’d be ready to eat! Besides my desire to crawl into bed instead of learning Korean, I think that this class was the best one of the week. I participated more than I usually do when creating example sentences with our grammar points and I did pretty well in a role play with Josh. I was the 선배 {senior} while Josh was the 후배 {junior} who was being yelled at by me for not paying attention to the details of this event. I think that I thought on my feet fairly well and I used a good amount of grammar points. I was proud of myself; am I allowed to think that?

Also, we gave our presentations on songs we liked and mine ended up turning out really well! I had memorized it the night before and barely made any mistakes in relaying my script to everyone. I also think I made it more interesting because I got to show them my 1 Second Everyday video from my senior year of high school {For those who don’t know me personally, I took 1 Second long videos every day during my senior year of high school and edited them into a compilation video.} In the video, the second half used the song “Wherever I Go” by Miley Cyrus which was the song my presentation was about. At the end of the presentation, my teacher told me that there were practically no errors— I felt so proud! I didn’t personally think that the presentation was anything special or out of the ordinary for me… but I will definitely take the compliment! I did work hard on it~ {And I did it early—memorization and all—which probably improved my presentation.}

After Korean class, I walked with Jacquelyn and Josh to the subway exit where we would be meeting our school friends.

Waiting at the station for everyone to arrive was nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Meeting everyone else’s school friends was fun but also quite awkward. I wondered if it would be just as awkward when 서린 and 도윤 would arrive. Eventually, they pulled up in their taxi and Katie and I simultaneously screamed! It was really nice seeing them again and it was a bit strange to see each other not wearing our 교복 or our 생활복. They were both wearing really nice dresses and carrying really nice bags. We all looked at each other and took in the fact that we were meeting outside of school in 홍대 of any place! I could tell they were really happy to have the opportunity to leave as they still have to wait another two weeks before they can go home and visit their family for the weekend.

We walked to the event location from the subway exit together. We were having our dinner at this place that allows you to rent space for meetings, study groups, etc. We all sat down at these long tables and at the back of the room, we could see all the food that was waiting to be eaten. 민정쌤 told me during one of our breaks between Korean class that we were having real American food. In fact, the turkey was actually FROM America. Everything was bought from the military base so we would be having the full spread. Before we could dig into the food, each of the Korean classes gave their presentations that were prepared. 1반 (first class – beginner class) spoke about all the different types of food usually eaten during Thanksgiving. 2반 (second class – intermediate class) presented about the activities usually done on Thanksgiving and after (Black Friday was included). Lastly, my class 3반 (third class – advanced class) spoke about the history of Thanksgiving: who the pilgrims were, the interactions between pilgrims and Indians, and how the actual holiday was established.

Thanksgiving 7

2반 Mid Presentation

I did memorize my speech; however, I was so nervous to say it in front of everyone. I was heavily breathing and literally shaking the paper in my hand because of how nervous I was. At the beginning of my part, I stumbled a bit and had to look at my paper but from then on (except for slight pauses when I had to think about what to say) I was able to speak from memory. I know I could have read off the paper like everyone else and probably have spoken better because I would have had the words right in front of my face. But honestly, by memorizing the presentation, I actually learned what I was saying. By the end of it, these words were not still words I just looked up in the dictionary for the presentation, they are words that are now committed to my memory. I also think that I pushed myself by doing so. I would rather have struggled to try to speak without looking at the script than using it as a crutch. If you think about it on future terms, I will not have a script with me when I want to talk to others all the time (formal setting or not).


Thanksgiving 8

Once presentations were done, it was time to actually eat dinner! (The highly anticipated part of the night!) My mouth was watering just looking at all the food in their catering tins. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing, bread rolls, cranberry sauce, gravy and for dessert, and both apple and pumpkin pie! All of our Korean friends really enjoyed the spread of food. Additionally, all of them had never even eaten Turkey before this day! (Turkey is not eaten in Korea… mostly because there are no turkeys in Korea!) We chatted over dinner about our school life and other random topics to get to know each other. Liam brought up that he spoke Danish and 도윤 really wanted to hear him say something and I told him to call her pretty in Danish. 도윤 swooned at Liam saying this. When he got up to go get seconds with his friend 정우, 도윤 freaked out in front of me. It was pretty funny and sincerly adorable. By the time 도윤 and I were ready for dessert, there was no apple pie left which was kind of disappointing. I got a slice of pumpkin pie even though I never ate it in America– every time I had it, I did not like how it tasted. However, I ate the entire slice this night and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was. I do not know if my taste buds changed or if I was just trying to clutch on to something that reminded me so much of back home. Either way, it was a good pie. (Also, all of our Korean friends had never had pumpkin pie before either! A lot of firsts tonight! But this was pretty surprising to me because Koreans do eat a lot of pumpkins and I see a lot of pumpkin flavored things here… but then again, pie is not really a dessert of choice here so it makes some sense.)


Outside Perspective

Thanksgiving 2

The Above Selfie


After eating, we all took a ton of photos including a large group photo with the legendary NSLI-Y banner. 서린 and 도윤 wanted to stay out for a bit longer because (like I said earlier) they do not get the opportunity to leave school grounds often. We walked around with Liam, Josh, Jenna, and Jenna’s school friend. (When I say we, I mean the collective group of Katie, 도윤, 서린, and me.) Eventually, we decided to stop in at the bakery near exit 4 that Katie and I had gone to once before to have a place to sit at and chat until we had to get going.

Thanksgiving 5


Because of the special event, 민정쌤 extended our curfew by 30 minutes for those living in 서울 and an hour and a half for those living outside of 서울 (technically she did not say 고양시 so I consider myself having respected the curfew time…) I ordered a hot cinnamon tea and enjoyed the time being able to chat with everyone for a bit longer. It was a lot of fun! Before we knew it, 10 pm rolled around and everyone had to start leaving. Katie and I said goodbye to 서린 and 도윤 as they took a taxi back to 하나고. I got home a bit after 10:30 pm and most everyone was already sleeping.

Thanksgiving 4

My little host brother greeted me at the door with “Emma누나 왔어!” And my host mom greeted me. as well. I brought home two containers of leftovers for my host family so that they could try out what a Thanksgiving meal is like. I stayed up pretty late after that writing blog posts and doing some homework here and there. I convinced 민정쌤 to let Katie and I skip school on Friday because 하나고 민정쌤 said that it was okay seeing that there would be no actual classes on Friday. I fell asleep feeling very grateful for everyone~ At the event, during dessert, we all went around our table and said what we were thankful for. I believe that most people felt that it was kind of awkward or embarrassing to express those feelings, but I really wanted to share my feelings. I said I was thankful for 서린 and 도윤 and my whole NSLI-Y family for allowing me to live so happily and comfortably here. Studying abroad is difficult a lot of the time but because of them, it is also very rewarding.

That is all for this blog post! It was a very long one! Actually, I am sort of publishing this post out of order because my Wednesday post was not long at all so I decided to combine that one with the post for Friday (also pretty short in comparison to this here post) which will be posted after this one! I bet no one noticed the dates not matching up but here I am explaining that situation anyway! Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and even though Thanksgiving has passed by the time I upload this post (*cough cough three months later hehe) I hope everyone had a great day with family! Thanks for reading!

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